Bathroom Design : Eight Tip & Ideas for Renovation

Bathroom Design : Eight Tip & Ideas for Renovation

The bathroom is the place where people now looking for the best spot to have a rest at the last bit of a day while taking a bath. It can be said as the second place where should and could make people be relaxed and calm after the bedroom.

Here are the ways of helping you to renovate and designing the best bathroom. The world and most people pursue the style and mood of the minimalism and simple modern look design in these days.

Keep the most important but hide and erase the things they do not really use.


01. Be Familiar with Australian Standard

First of all, to design the place in Australia strictly regulates the allowance with dimensions and few standards. There needs to be approved with all the compliance by the Australian Standards for renovating and designing the homes and commercial areas. Related posts in regards to the Australian Standard for the bathroom can easily find from other websites, for instance:

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02. Be Sure with Your Needs & Wants 

I believe that there are people who buy more and more which does not compulsory. To keep and maintain the place cleanly with only the essential fixtures, people to be sure with needs and wants.

Need means that HAVE TO buy and want means that JUST WANT to buy. Should put and apply all the needs first, then fill the bathroom with wants if you think you really need. If your bathroom fills with all the needs and wants, then it would probably not arrange well.


03. Design Layout

We normally can see Australian homes normally designs with water closet and showers. However, please place the toilet beside the door or more better to away from the door in any chance if they to be combined.

Most people do not want to see the toilets directly after opening the door. However, positioning vanity underneath the windows or with mirror cabinets is the best way to see when the door opened.


04. Lighting

The lighting really controls the mood of the place, so the choice of lighting could make your bathroom’s concepts. It is truly effective to the place whether its colour and brightness.

We highly recommend LED lighting near the vanity and mirror cabinets, and the white bright recessed lights for the bathroom ceiling. Otherwise, it is hard to clean and manage the lighting as clean as possible.


05. Vanity

The wall hung vanities well popular rather than freestanding or kickboard vanities in nowadays. With wide drawers and shelves provides for further storage to keeping other bathroom necessaries and more clear. It also helps to clean the floors easier and makes the place bigger by seeing the floors opened widely than kickboard vanities.

Additional, with laminated covers, assist the place to be more warm and relaxed. Similarly. white gloss body vanities with the stone texture of the basin top also bring the sense of gorgeous at the same time.


06. Hide as Much as Possible

Here as the world keeps develops, the fixture and furniture also updated. For example, with recessed cistern, the toilet transformed more neat and efficient. As mentioned above, rather than the kickboard or with leg freestanding vanities, hide the legs which are the unnecessaries items.

Leave the essential items outside such as vanity, shower, bath and toilet, and other items can be hidden under the storage and drawers. 


07. Feature Wall

The simple is the best, but if there was an attractive pattern or fixture then it makes your eyes happier. With Carrara tiles or 3-dimensional tiles for a wall among the four walls, it creates the places to be more like fashionable and appealing. Our new homes and buildings are designed with few feature walls and with the niche* in residential. 

  • Niche: a small place under or nearby shower rails to gathering the necessaries of showers or baths such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and etc.

Mostly, the mosaic tiles in a strip type next to the shower rails or subway tiles used for the feature walls as well. You can play with the colours by small pieces of the subway tiles. It extremely demonstrates the modern and contemporary concepts but also classic ambience around the area as well.


08. Flooring

Commonly tiles or stones used for the bathroom floorings as they are classified and tested the non-slip as complying to Australian Standards. In contrast, now some timber flooring seems like to be also verified although as well. Anyhow, for the stability and to make the floors and walls balanced then the tiles would be the best choice. 

We do prefer the smaller size of the tiles than 600X600 as there needs a fall for the floors, otherwise, there is an opportunity to go with larger tiles with long drains on the edges. 



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