Floor tiles play a vital role in the house. They add strength and durability and determine the overall aesthetics of the home. There are different colours, designs and textures. Porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles are the best tiling options available in the market. They are easy to clean, durable and very functional. These tiles are ideal for busy areas and can last a long time. What really makes them stand out is that they are offered in all kinds of appearances, including stone, marble and even wood! These tiles are scratch and heat resistant. Perfect for all types of floors, from kitchens to bathrooms.
1. Polishing Finish
Each tile is passed through a series of stepwise polishing wheels during the finishing process. These devices then polish the tile's surface, gradually giving it a perfectly smooth finish and reflective look with high gloss.
2. Sharpened Finish
During the finishing process for sharpened tiles, the manufacturer stops polishing before the surface becomes shiny. This leaves a flat, satin-like feel with a smooth, velvety feel. The sharpened surface tiles are easy to clean, but they do not particularly reflect light and remain highly resistant to chips and scratches.
3. Matte Finish
Matte finish tiles have a non-reflective matte finish and a rough, hard surface. They help create a rustic or traditional look. They are a good combination of the ability to hide dirt well, non-slip and easy to clean the tile surface.
4. Natural Finish
The surface of a natural finish tile usually duplicates the finish of the material on which it is based. A tile with a stone and concrete look, the surface is very similar to the look and feel of natural materials and has its markings, patterns and textures.
5. Grip Finish
Grip finish tiles provide a very non-slip surface for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, pool areas and shower areas. It has an ultra-fine texture and was specially developed for wet surface conditions where non-slip is required.
6. Textured Finish
Textured finish means that the tile's surface changes from flat to the textured surface during the forming process. This texture can take a variety of shapes, from roughly random textures to prominent geometric shapes.
The nominal size was adopted to represent the approximate size of the manufactured product. Due to the fluctuation of the manufacturer, process and material, if the size is 595 mm x 595 mm, read and listen to the 600 × 600 size to describe the medium size square tile.
When looking for tiles to make your home attractive and elegant, there are so many types on the market that you have to face many dilemmas when choosing suitable tiles. There are various types of tiles in the market, including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, cement tiles, metal tiles, stone tiles, etc. These types of tiles have a specific job, making it difficult to choose the right tile for your home. The old way of looking at tiles as "walls" or "floors" is a bit outdated. Advances in design and technology have made the world of tiles a fascinating time, and the boundaries between bathroom, kitchen, wall and floor tiles are becoming increasingly blurry. Of course, wall-only tiles always have space and are small in size, so they are essentially unique. However, the next time you buy a wall tile, it is highly recommended that you check the full range of tiles before deciding. You will be genuinely fascinated by the stunning design and style offered.
All floor tiles can be used for walls, but wall tiles cannot and should not be used for floors. You can use floor tiles as a motif to create design patterns or break the monotony of wall design. Besides finding floor tiles on the wall, you can also frame them and hang them on the wall. However, the wall tile range is full of unique designs and patterns, so you'll find beautiful designs in your wall tile collection. However, if you like the design of floor tiles and want to stick them on the wall, you can.
Most ceramic tile floors are not waterproof. Tiles and joints do not make the floor waterproof. The tiles themselves are waterproof, but most tiles allow water to pass through the edges. Water can move slowly, but it is not waterproof. This is especially true for stone floors. Water flows through the mortar in a few seconds. To waterproof the floor, you need to use some kind of waterproof membrane.
The rimless/open rim toilet is not only a functional option but also adds elegance and sophistication to the utility area.
Yes, we can certainly do price match, on specfic terms and conditions: the product must be identical (not similar) and brand new; the product must be listed on Initial Tiles website; the price match only applies to current sale prices; the product must be in stock or readily available with an authorised channel -- NOT applicable to auctions, group buying, flash sales, clearance stock, out-of-stock, private seller, or wholesalers); the price match only applies to the product itself, not to related services that might be included together, such as delivery/shipping arrangement.


Yes, to a great extent. However, it depends upon the resolution of your monitor. The colour combination may vary from one desktop to another. However, the design and pattern of our tiles you see on your desktop often remain the same. For quality, you can always be rest assured, as Initial Tiles & Bathware has one of the best collections of tiles for your abode; colour, however, colour can have some differences, and it barely matters once you find it at your place.
Yes, you can get the samples for free. However, our charges for shipping remain standard for up to 5 samples. We will deliver the sample tiles to your given address. We have one more option for our potential customers, and they can drop in at our place, check the tiles physically and return home choosing their favourite designs for their home or offices. So, depending upon your choice, you can consider the one which suits you the best.
We can offer samples; however, these are not available with full-size tiles. You can find the full-size tiles only in one piece, sheet or box. Again, this will depend upon the choice of material. You will be charged for the full-size sample, available and delivered in a box. The world of tiles is full of options dealing with a wide variety of tiles. They sell a single tile or even a section of the same. They will charge a high price for the full-size sample. Hence it is always advisable to ask for small or half-size sample tiles or visit the nearest store to browse a wide selection of tiles.
It depends on the surface area where you have planned to install the tiles. First, you have to work out the surface calculations, measure the entire space, and divide as per the available tile size. Generally, the contractor you hire takes up this responsibility; however, if you want to play safe, you can be involved in the ordering process of the tiles. A good thumb rule is to work out the said calculations and order one extra box to cover up for any loss of tiles during the installation process.
To calculate how much grout you will need, you have to follow the simple four-step calculation:
-> 1st Step - Measure the tiling space - Workout the exact size of the area where you need to install the tiles. If the tiling space is not a regular rectangular shape, you have to break down the space into multiple rectangles and add up the entire space together. You can calculate this area by multiplying the space's length and width, and you get the total area.
-> 2nd Step - You have to measure the tiles. As you know, tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. The factors like thickness and size of the tiles play a role in calculating how much grout you would require. You have to chalk out the exact measurements of your tiles before installing them.
-> 3rd Step - When you install the tile, you need spacers as these help in getting a consistent space between the tiles, thus making it aesthetically pleasing. Tile spacers are available in sizes ranging from 1mm to 4 mm. The space thickness has an impact on the grout you calculate.
-> 4th Step - You now have the exact area for the tiling process, and you can, therefore, easily calculate the amount of grout you require. In a nutshell, you can use the following formula:
(Tile Length + Tile Width) x Joint Width x Joint Depth x 1.8 kg/m2
The amount of tile glue you need is simple to calculate. You can easily find the online calculators to find the answer for the title glue. Once you find the calculator, you have to enter the values. Start with choosing the brand of the glue, the surface area is defined, and you can obtain the number by multiplying the width by the length. Now, select the layer thickness.
Yes, you can do it by trying a simple method of concealing the pipe beneath your sink and then installing the pipe coverings. You can quickly get a pipe covering in your local store or place an order online. You can find a wide range of coverings available in different materials and colours. These are often made of resin, metal or wood. So, depending upon your choice, you can consider the same and thus shield no pipework.
Yes, we sell tapware and accessories, which are WELS compliant and meet strict Australian standards. You can browse our website and check the number of products. We have them all as per your requirements and of high quality.
We maintain a good stock of taps and accessories and sell them. The products we sell are available with the maker’s warranty, which ranges from 1 year to 10 years per the range and product you buy.
Yes, you can place your order online at the Initial Tiles & Bathware website with the help of the following three steps:
-> Browse the website.
-> Find the desired product(s) as per your requirements.
-> Once you decide on the product, add it to the cart and place the order by completing the process.
Also, you have the option of placing the order through email. Send us your list of requirements, and we will confirm the same.

Payment and Shipping

Tiles are among the most versatile flooring materials available today. You can buy them in different sizes, including square, hexagonal and rectangular shapes. You can also choose a shiny finish or a matte finish. Tiles are known for their durable quality, ease of installation and low-cost maintenance. Initial Tiles & Bathware is the leading seller of floor tiles in Australia.

If you are new here, you may have numerous questions regarding our shipping and payment policies. To help you shop for tiles with utmost convenience, we’ve listed the top most frequently asked questions about our floor tiles.

Let’s find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about tiles delivery and shipping at Initial Tiles and Bathware, Sydney:

We offer our customers several different payment options to make tile-shopping easy and convenient for all. At Initial Tiles & Bathware, we accept credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, GooglePay, ShopPay, AfterPay or American Express. You can use these cards to make direct payments through our online payment portal on the website. We also accept direct deposit payments. We usually wait until the payment has been cleared in our bank account before sending the goods. So, if you wish to pay through a direct deposit, the tiles and bathroomware you order will probably take a few days longer.
The delivery time and charges vary depending on different factors. For instance, deliveries to the Sydney Metro area take around 2-3 working days. Delivery takes about 3-5 working days outside the Sydney Metro area, while interstate delivery can take anywhere between 5-10 days. Here is a breakdown of the delivery charges at Initial Tiles & Bathware:
-> Warehouse pickup (at 2/26 Sterling Rd., Minchinbury NSW) = FREE
-> Samples Delivery to Sydney Metro area = POA
-> Samples delivery to Interstate and NSW Region = POA
-> Small item courier – Sydney Metro area = from $25
-> Small item courier – Canberra Metro area = POA
-> Small item courier – Melbourne and Brisbane Metro area = POA
-> Small item courier – Adelaide and Perth Metro area = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Sydney Metro Zone 1 (per pallet) = from $110
-> Pallet delivery – Sydney Metro Zone 2 = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Sydney Metro Zone 3 = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Sydney Metro Zone 4 = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Canberra Metro (per pallet) = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Melbourne Depot (per pallet) = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Brisbane Depot (per pallet) = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Adelaide Depot (per pallet) = POA
-> Pallet delivery – Perth Depot (per pallet) = POA
You can track your order using the order-ticket number that you will be provided once your order and payment are confirmed. You can either call or email the courier carrier and request the current status of your order.
If you have restricted access to your delivery address, it is recommended to mention this directly to our team. You can do so by emailing us at initialtiles@gmail.com. When making this email, you should keep the order number handy for reference purposes.
Apart from this, if you can include clear photographs of the location, this would be extremely helpful for our team to understand the suitable delivery method for your address. Remember, any additional delivery methods, such as hand-unload, may add to the original delivery charges.
We recommend that you confirm the total delivery charges before placing the order with us. You can connect with our representative by calling 02 9190 7042. This would help you find more details of the delivery process and make things more convenient for all.
Yes, we usually send an email notification or call directly to the customers to inform them of the delivery date and time.
Yes, we can deliver them sooner. However, if you choose a delivery day and time, it would depend on how fast the courier carrier can provide the products to your address. We usually deliver Mondays through Fridays during regular business hours.
Yes, we ship our products across mainland Australia. Still, we advise you to check the delivery status in your area before confirming the order online.
We usually deliver tiles by a medium or large flat-tray-back truck with a forklift mount on the rear. The driver uses the forklift to pick the pallets of tiles wrapped in timber-wrapping from the truck and place them on the ground in your driveway.
It is to prepare a safe and secure location in advance. This way, the driver will be able to unload the tiles as quickly as possible. Remember, tiles are significantly heavy, so it is advisable to have a helping hand available to move the packed tile boxes to a secure location, preferably indoors.
It is important to remember to use safe lifting techniques and to handle broken tiles with cut-resistant gloves only.
Once you have placed the order and the payment is cleared, it will take 24 hours for your order to be dispatched from our warehouse.
However, the exact delivery time depends on several factors, such as your chosen items and your delivery region. Usually, it can take anywhere between 5 to 7 working days to deliver your tiles to the nominated address.
Once you place your order with us, we connect with the transport providers and establish a time frame for every individual delivery. You will then receive a call or email to advise you on the uncertain delivery time, including the date and time.
In case of any further queries, you can contact us at initialtiles@gmail.com or call us on 02 9190 7042.


If you think you’ve ordered too many tiles for your project, we highly recommend that you keep the extra tiles. However, if you still want to return, Initial Tiles & Bathware does accept returned tiles with the following conditions; Order purchased last 7 days, Items are in resalable condition; unopened original case, and Items must be of current stock and match in the shade to stock on hand. Order must be returned to the warehouse 26 sterling rd, Minchinbury and 30% handling fee will be applied. For special or customised items, Initial tiles & Bathware will not accept returns.
In case a customer wants to return their purchased tiles, Initial Tiles & Bathware does not offer any refund on returns. We do allow customers to exchange unwanted products for any product. However, once the payment has been made for the new product, and the original order has been returned and checked for damages, we will process you a refund in such a case.
You will have to pay a 30% restocking fee, and additional freight costs may incur, and it will vary depending on the area. This amount needs to be paid before the items are returned. The customer should return to our warehouse at 26 Sterling Road, Minchinbury.
The same policy applies to all taps and accessories too. The exact freight cost will be calculated for this according to the product being returned.
In case the customer wants us to organise a delivery for returns, the freight cost may incur depending on the area and amount of the return
Check our terms and condition below:
--> 30% handling fee will be applied,
-->Order purchased last 7 days,
-->Items are in resalable condition; unopened original case,
-->Items must be of current stock and match in the shade to stock on hand, and
-->The customer needs to return the goods to the warehouse.
You cannot return in exchange for a part or portion of the total tiles ordered. However, you can choose to return the complete set from the original order and exchange it for a different set altogether.
Still, if you have additional unwanted tiles, you can choose to sell them online on social media apps, like Facebook marketplace or any other local online market.
No, tiles do not come with a warranty. Hence, we recommend customers to inspect the product for faults before installation. Once the tiles have been installed, Initial Tiles & Bathware does not take any responsibility for faults and does not provide any warranty.
Yes, you can return the tiles. However, Initial Tiles & Bathware does not provide a refund in all cases. We do offer to exchange your unwanted product for a different product though. Specific terms and conditions of sale apply to returns of different types of products.