Bathroom Wall Mounted Paris Round Chrome Frame Mirror Bevelled Edge 700MM

: BA0401233

$500.00 $290.00

Design: Bevelled Edge Mirror

Size: 700mm Dia.


  • Wall Mounted with brackets
  • 5mm Copper-free mirror
  • Framed with Chrome Stainless Steel Frame
  • Easy to Install

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Two different types of mirrors which are the pencil edge and bevelled edge mirror have indicated each characteristic of your places. The pencil edge mirrors are the flat mirrors which give you a feeling of the classic but still clear along with the areas. A bevel-edged mirror brings a sense of cubic dimensional effect which does not flat at all.

With several sizes in different types and forms, you can embellish your bathroom or living or even anywhere with it to makes the area is not empty. You can rotate the mirror directions as you want for your places, not need to follow to the attached image.

However, here we have both types of mirrors – pencil and bevel edge mirrors as well, so with a chance for the choices – please check it out from our website!

Design: Bevelled Edge Mirror


  • 700mm Dia.


  • Wall Mounted with brackets
  • 5mm Copper-free mirror
  • Framed with Chrome Stainless Steel Frame
  • High Quality Materials
  • Easy to Install
  • Please refer to attached detail images for specific dimensions


  • 1 year manufacturing warranty – keep in mind this does not cover physical damage or any damages that could be caused due to incorrect installation or handling.