10 Best Modern Minimalist Bathroom Tap Choices

10 Best Modern Minimalist Bathroom Tap Choices

When choosing the best bathroom taps, there are numerous tap choices than just classic chrome taps. Irrespective of whether you have a traditional or contemporary bathroom, you can now find a range of designs and bold materials that will make your bathroom look unique.

But finding the most suitable faucet is not an easy decision, and that is where the Initial Tiles & Bathware team can help you. We have curated a list of ten best bathroom taps to consider. Read on to know them.


1. Contemporary Wall Basin Set Crossheads by Perrin & Rowe  

The Contemporary Wall Basin Set Crossheads by Perrin & Rowe are an elegant wall mounted basin mixer. It has a 180 mm longer spout that is perfect for you if you have a larger bathroom with more space. You have more options to use it over various different hand basins with a longer spout.

The spout and tap come independent and provide more versatility in the placement. You can select from various finishes from pewter to gold. Specifically, it looks luxurious against marble or tiles.


2. Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap by Abode Fervour

The Abode Fervour Wall Mounted Basin taps offers one-handle control of cold and hot water and one horizontal tap for water that flows downwards directly. 

This tap would be best suitable for a larger basin like a vanity unit, or a freestanding bathtub, as the exit height cannot be adjusted. Additionally, the minimal design gives round edges and polished chrome finish, highly preferred by those having contemporary bathrooms.

Moreover the flexible tailpipes are provided to ensure an easy and quick installation. This wall tap could be the feature you need if you’re looking to make fine changes to your bathroom.


3. Perrin & Rowe Callisto Taps 

Another Perrin & Rowe design is the Callisto Tap. It has a polished and simple look that will complement any bathroom. It features a long and tall spout that adds versatility to it to match with almost all basins.

The Callisto collection has over 56 different styles and finishes. This style is sophisticated and elegant but not unreachable and easily matches with other features like bath fillers, towel rails, and bathroom accessories.


4. Basin Mixer Bathroom Taps by John Lewis Marden 

If you like more traditional bathroom ideas than minimalist modern faucets, then the John Lewis Marden Basin Mixer Bathroom Tap could be the feature your bathroom needs. 

The faucet is centre-set and features two small and graceful taps allowing you to control the hot and cold water separately. Additionally, the polished chrome design offers white handles to indicate which side is hot or cold water. 

 The tap also features a slight arch that has anti-splash spout, and its curved features only add to the aesthetic appeal. Note one thing that the users found the instructions for these taps a little lacking, so you may need a professional to install them.


5. Kohler Artifacts Basin Set with Lever Handles 

If you don’t like the minimalist look, check out the Artifacts Basin Set. This is a Edwardian style set that will create its own attraction in a bathroom. If you are looking for long-lasting bathroom tapware, it will be difficult for you to beat these.

You can choose from three options with an artifacts basin set including vibrant brushed bronze, oil brushed bronze, and chrome. Your bathroom will get enhanced with any one of these.


6. One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet by Moen Eva

It is not necessary for bathroom fittings and fixtures to always be in chrome. The One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet by Moen Eva is one such example. The faucet features a single-hole that has a high-arching spout, a design suitable for custom sink basins or bathtubs.

 Users say this bathroom tap was easy to install, and the handle switches effortlessly from hot to cold when needed. 


7. Topaz Monobloc Basin Mixer by Hudson Reed  

If you are facing low water pressure in your bathroom, then Topaz Monobloc Basin Mixer by Hudson Reed could be your choice. The central-set faucet is beloved for its graceful Victorian design and effortlessly accommodates every low-pressure system.

 Moreover, the china handles, high-arching taps, and smoothed polished edges are favoured among people opting for contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Upgrade your style with these simple and affordable faucets for your bathroom.


8. Bristan Orta Basin Mixer

The Bristan Orta Basin Mixer is an ideal choice for you if you have a small cloakroom-style toilet. It features a smaller chrome tap that offers a practical installation. The design includes a single-hole unit with diverse water pressure and a short spout that prevents water splashes in smaller basins. Though it does not offer specific aesthetic features, the polished finish completes the modern look. 

Moreover, for example, it is affordable if you require something reliable for your guest bathroom. 


9. Delta Lahara Lavatory Faucet

We recommend the Delta Lahara Faucet if you want variety in bathroom taps and its finish. The Delta Lahara Faucet is available in three different finishes, all of which serve several interior styles, making it one of the best bathroom taps and an admired choice in traditional and modern homes

The high-arching spout offers an effortless water flow that allows baths to fill easily. The two handles control the flow of hot and cold water. Users said they took a little time to assemble, but the finished look is worth it. Also, they tend to get noisy after a while when running on cold water, which isn’t a major problem if you’re installing it in your sink against the bathtub. 


10. Bristan Traditional Bath Taps

Are you fed up with a leaky tap in your bathroom, or do you want a way to enhance your traditional room? If this is the case, you can consider these Bristan Traditional Bath Taps.

 These bathroom taps prove that basic does not mean boring. The elegant design is reliable, with the handle marked with hot or cold on it with a polished finish. 

Moreover, the tap features a low arch with a short spout to fit any size and style of the basin without the chance of splashing. Also, the tap offers varying water pressure and no leakages.

Initial Tiles & Bathware help out those looking for the right bath mixer taps and other bathware solutions by providing a huge variety of attractive bathware designs to fit into any home. Contact us today if you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom with our modern best-quality bathware solutions.