10 Reasons to Say Yes to Mosaic Tiles

10 Reasons to Say Yes to Mosaic Tiles

The days are gone when walls could only be decorated with wallpaper, and hardwood was the only option for floors. Today, homeowners are always looking for new ways to upgrade the look of their place, and they are not limited to the traditional use of materials. If you are one such homeowner, then we have the best suggestion for you - mosaic tiles!  


Mosaic tiles are a great way of adding character and interest to your home. A plethora of options opens up in front of you with mosaic tiles because there are various kinds available, from mosaic floor tiles to mosaic wall tiles. Let us look at ten reasons you should consider using mosaic tiles for your next project.


Versatile Options


Mosaic tiles are available in various materials like natural stone, glass, porcelain and metal. Natural stone mosaic tiles include materials like marble and quartz. These tiles need to be sealed tightly. Porcelain tiles are suitable for use in both dry and wet areas. They are most commonly used for cladding swimming pools. Glass mosaic tiles are best suited for walls but should not be used for wet areas like bathroom floors as they can get slippery. If you want to add a contemporary look to a space, you can use metal mosaic tiles.


A Unique Look


The beauty of mosaic floor tiles lies in the way they are made. Small pieces of tiles are mounted on a mesh backing to create a larger tile. This gives them an interesting texture that makes them stand out against other materials such as stone or wood. If you want something unique, then this could be just what you’re looking for!


Easy Installation


Mosaic tiles are relatively uncomplicated to install because of their wire-mesh backing. While cutting a standard tile to fit smaller spaces can sometimes be tricky, cutting a mosaic tile can be as easy as cutting its fibreglass backing into any shape you want. This can create a lot of custom designs.


Durable & Long Lasting


Mosaic tiles have been popular since the time Roman and Greek cultures were prevalent. Actually, the earliest examples of mosaic tile use date back to the late bronze age which is even before the Greek and Roman Era! So why are these tiles still so popular? It is due to their durability and longevity. 

Mosaic tiles can withstand high heat, intense light and excessive moisture. While natural stone tiles are more delicate, glass mosaic tiles and porcelain tiles can withstand chemical exposure and are highly durable. As long as you keep them clean and well maintained, they will last for years without needing replacing.


Low Maintenance


Unlike some types of tiles, mosaic tiles don’t require regular cleaning. If any dirt or grease stains form on them, you can wipe them away with a cloth. Since they are so durable, they don't require any special cleaning routines or frequent reglazing and resurfacing. However, if you have issues with grout lines appearing after a while, simply apply more sealant to fix the problem.




While not cheap, mosaic tiles aren’t exactly expensive either. Depending on size and design, prices for mosaic tiles in Australia range between $7-$10/m². For larger projects like a kitchen backsplash, bathroom suites or whole house renovations, prices may increase slightly depending on how complex the layout is.


Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles


Flexible Design

With mosaic tiles, you get the ability to create designs that would otherwise be impossible. Whether you choose to go traditional or modern, you can easily mix and match colours and patterns to achieve your desired style. You can add extra features by creating customised designs when designing your room. By combining multiple shapes, you can create almost limitless combinations.




In the current age, we need to be aware of the environmental impact of the material we use. The good news is that mosaic tiles are one of the most environmentally friendly available in home decor, because of their nature. Mosaic tiles never need to be thrown away and can be reused many times in different combinations to create a brand new design. Not only does this make them suitable for our planet, but it also means that they are easy to maintain.


Multiple Applications


There are endless options when choosing where to use mosaic tiles. Since they are available in a multitude of colours and various shapes like rectangle, round, hexagon, etc., they will never look out of place no matter where they are placed. Therefore, mosaic tiles can be used as wall tiles, floor tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, on table-tops, on ceilings, and even above fireplaces. 


Fun Factor


Finally, mosaic tiles offer plenty of fun factors. Their quirky shape and patterned surface mean that they provide lots of visual stimulation. Plus, as they come in all sorts of sizes and styles, you can always find something that suits your space perfectly.


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