15 Modern Bathroom Basin Designs in 2023

15 Modern Bathroom Basin Designs in 2023

The sink is the most used utility in your bathroom. So it has to be functional, practical and stylish too. Initial Tiles and Bathware is the leading seller of bathroom basins in Australia. Here, you can find the most comprehensive range and variety of bathware. You can buy it all from durable but straightforward stone basins to the fanciest bathroom vanity basins.

Top 15 Bathroom Basin Ideas for 2023

Now, let’s check out the top 15 bathroom basin ideas for 2023:

1 – Square basin

It is easy to achieve that modern look for the bathroom with a simple square-shaped basin. The square basin is a contemporary style, especially for a single unit, instead of different pieces fused together.

If you are going for a contemporary feel to your bathroom, then square and rectangular basins are an excellent choice.

2 – Round basin

Matching the colours and shape of the basin to the rest of the features helps give a comfortable feel to the bathroom. For instance, a white round basin with a black cabinet and faucet provides the bathroom with a distinctly sophisticated look. It is amazing for the aesthetics and can transform your bathroom remarkably. The new egg-shaped bathroom basins are among the most popular to be sold by Initial Tiles and Bathware.

3 – Marble countertop

Marble is an excellent material for countertops surrounding the basin in a bathroom. If you are looking for a tranquil, pure appearance, then combining a white basin with a dark countertop works very well.

4 – Chrome taps

Chrome is one of the most used materials in modern designed houses. It occupies a great portion of interior design. Chrome faucets are probably the most commonly used faucets around the world. A single tap design that works for cold and hot water is more in-line than two separate faucets. You can choose to install a smaller-sized basin with a tall chrome faucet. This leaves enough space to keep your toothbrushes and soaps around it.

5 – Contrasting colours and designs

Contrasting colours and designs work wonderfully well for bathroom basins too. Imagine small blue tiles surrounding a pure white bowl-shaped basin. The tiles bring a geometrically symmetrical aspect, while the rounded basin gives it a contrasting appeal. The distinct design difference actually works to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom.

6 – Modern marble

Master bathrooms need to have a unique elegant look, primarily when marble is being used. A veined white marble countertop looks stunning, especially when combined with a chrome faucet and an embedded square-shaped white basin. This is one of the best modern bathroom basins designed for 2023.

7 – Stone basins

A stone basin in your bathroom looks amazing. It is unique and attractive. With darker-hued paint and fixtures, stone basins give the bathroom a distinctly rustic look. Stone basins can be extremely heavy and slightly more expensive than conventional bathroom basins. So, make sure to install a strong cabinet or supporting platform to fix this excellent bathroom basin.


8 – All-white bathroom basins

If you are going for a simplistic and minimalistic look for your bathroom, you can keep the plumbing exposed under the basin. A simple white-coloured bowl-shaped marble basin on a flat, square countertop gives it a sturdy and industrial aesthetic. Add some chrome piping in the plumbing areas, the taps and the towel rack under the basin. This completes the modern all-white bathroom design.

9 – Jack and Jill

These are bathrooms that are designed for use by two people. This is usually demanded by working couples who have to get ready together. This design allows them to have everything they need within an arm’s reach in their separate bathroom section. The two different square-shaped basins are practical and also ideal for large families. This way, the kids can also get ready simultaneously as the parents in the morning. Although you may require twice the number of faucets and plumbing, overall practicality and efficiency are worth it.

10 – Stylishly white

The stylishly white bathroom design includes a round white bowl basin with a simple single faucet. It usually has a rotating handle to choose between hot and cold water. These basins are pretty common but still work perfectly well to give your bathroom a cool, modern look. This design looks even better when the basin is fixed in front of a feature wall.

11 – Modern luxurious

Modern luxurious bathroom design is exactly what it says. Picture an all-white bathroom, with a dark wooden cabinet holding up a pure white square bathroom basin. The cabinet has enough space to store your cosmetics and stuff. A tall chrome faucet on top of the sink gives it a distinct modern mixed with a classic look.

12 – Grey schemes

Grey might not be the colour that comes to mind when thinking about bathrooms. However, it turns out to be the second-best choice after white. We suggest a grey-themed bathroom, with different shades of grey for the wall and floor tiles. Add a wall-mounted metal cabinet to it and install a plain white rectangular basin. The grey colours match the tiled walls and floor perfectly. This is also a great way to hide any plumbing around the basin.

13 – Fancy double basin

Here’s another excellent bathroom basin design for 2023. This design requires installing two white-coloured bowl-shaped basins at least two feet apart. These are placed on a large, streamlined cabinet, usually wooden but white. The tall faucets are placed on far sides to make things more convenient. This idea is excellent if you want your bathroom to look fancy and have considerable space under the basin for storage.

14 – Contemporary basin shapes

Stylish bathroom basins are awesome to look at, and to use. We recommend going for a contemporary basin design, such as a shallow but wide basin, much like a rowboat. This ultra-modern basin design becomes an eye-catching aspect of your bathroom.

15 – Table-top basins

The table-top design is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine a table holding your bathroom basin. This works great if you are going for a minimalist approach. Choose a black frame for the wall-mounted mirror and a white bowl-shaped basin on the tabletop.


There are numerous choices when it comes to trying new bathroom vanity designs. There are various materials, designs, styles, sizes and shapes to choose for bathroom basins. Initial Tiles and Bathware is the leading choice for Australia's modern and classic bathroom basins.