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Kitchen tile designs

15 Stunning Kitchen Tile Designs That You Need to See Right Now!

, by Initial Tiles, 5 min reading time

Are you planning on remodelling your kitchen? If so, then you have landed on the right page. You might already have the right appliances or have bought new ones.

Are you planning on remodelling your kitchen?

If so, then you have landed on the right page. You might already have the right appliances or have bought new ones. You might have planned for cabinetry and colour palette as well. But, have you thought about the backsplash tiles? Did you know that you can create unique designs with backsplash tiles?

Let us discuss them below since now is the time to experiment with different tiles and create eye-catching patterns without losing sophistication.

We have put together fifteen stunning kitchen splashback tiles ideas.


Pastel Patterns:

Backsplash tiles should stand out if your kitchen is decorated with neutral colours and simple cabinets or walls. A complete contrast of backsplash tiles would give the kitchen a stunning look. Pastel patterns will do the magic for you.

Honeycomb Print:

Have you ever thought about honeycomb backsplash kitchen tiles? If not, then now is the time. Honeycomb patterns with tiles will create a visual intrigue for the dwellers as well as lookers. If you want your kitchen to be bright, you can use white shades for a honeycomb pattern.


Mosaic Checks:

Using subtle coloured tiles for a backsplash, you can create mosaic magic in your kitchen. It will give your kitchen a simple yet elegant look and is great for any kind of personality. We offer our unique kitkat mosaic tiles in white, black and even glossy textures that just adds colour and character to your kitchen. 


Aqua Shades:

If you are a person who loves oceans and the shades of water, then the shades of aquatic on your kitchen backsplash will be a great treat to the eyes. You can combine it with light coloured cabinets. 


Glossy squares:

A tile backsplash using square tiles in different designs (say, diagonally) can give you a dynamic and striking finish. From retro bottle green to turquoise gloss, the squares are always in the trend to set a style statement.


Monochromatic Designs:

You can give a nice vibrant character to your kitchen by implementing kaleidoscopic patterns to the monochrome backsplash. Pairing this with wooden kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen a stunner.


Moroccan Tiles:

Moroccan tiles as backsplash tiles will make your kitchen an exciting place to work. You will never feel gloomy working in the kitchen with these tiles.


Concrete Tiles:

Concrete tiles attempt to provide a sober look while contemporising with distinct artwork. They draw your attention with their steady shades, giving you the liberty to mix and match the entire decor. 


Copper Shades:

Applying the magic of copper to your kitchen and matching the vibrancy with the seamless look of cabinets will turn your kitchen into a copper magic marvel.



You may as well turn to metallic designs if you aspire for a darker and elegant look. Your kitchen will end up giving a chic vibe with white cabinetry and metallic tiles in dark shade or even our black porcelain matt finish tiles. 


Kitchen Tiles

Geometric Designs: 

Geometric patterns, although very boring during school days, are a popular trend in kitchens. You can create an eye-catching kitchen look by balancing the geometric patterns with neutral colours.


Lacquered Glass:

Think about adding glass to your backsplash and take your kitchen look up a notch. You can use pretty lacquered glass and add a cool look.


Hand Printed Tiles:

Anything that is customised and handmade never loses its charm. The same is the case with hand-painted/printed tiles; they will add significant value to your kitchen space and ambience.


Hexagon Style Tiles:

If you wish to create a chic and unique pattern, then hexagon tiles can be your go-to option. You can explore a plethora of designs with it while even creating abstract patterns. 


Freestyle Design 

The freestyle design comes with a wide range of structures. However, hexagon tiles are gaining popularity with these designs when it comes to unique patterns and artistic vibes. You may even go ahead and choose from aesthetic shades such as magellan grey or charred ash. 

While some designs and patterns are meant to blend in seamlessly with your kitchen, freestyle design allows you to bring a sleek contrast to your kitchen.

We would like you not to restrict your creativity just because you need to work with kitchen walls or floor tiles. Initial Tiles & Bathware aims at doing the hefty job for you. 

Our primary intention is to render the best affordable products that meet your requirements. So, contact us today for outstanding, innovative and creative backsplash tile designs.


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