6 Biggest Blunders with Walk-in Showers (and How to Avoid Them)

6 Biggest Blunders with Walk-in Showers (and How to Avoid Them)

While you plan on remodelling your bathroom, one of the most exciting processes is to include a contemporary design such as a walk-in shower to enhance the bathroom’s functionality and elegance. 

However, you can always come across confusions, doubts, and suspicions that may discourage you from exploring your idea, such as,

  • Do I have enough room for a walk-in shower?
  • Will I feel cold in a curbless, doorless walk-in shower?
  • Will there be too much water on the bathroom floor due to a walk-in shower?

A walk-in shower not only provides assistance in mobility but also adds to your home value. It is open, airy, and safe to use, given that you take important decisions and critical planning when installing. We have seen our share of blunders in the past, and therefore we bring you six blunders to avoid in order to meet every expectation of yours.


Walk-in Shower Ideas


6 Blunders with Walk-in Showers and How to Avoid Them

Plan the design beforehand

During the planning stage, it is essential to discuss the type of shower head you should install. Too much water on the bathroom floor is the last thing you want after a shower. While a traditional shower can spray water all over the place, a rainfall showerhead is designed to lead the water down on your head. It is recommended to talk through with your contractor before deciding on a showerhead to avoid such a mistake.

Assuming that you don’t have enough space for a walk-in shower  

One of the best reasons to include a walk-in shower is that it doesn’t take up too much space. So, whoever advises you to drop the idea of a walk-in shower because you don’t have a big bathroom, ask them to get their facts checked.

In fact, a walk-in shower even makes the bathroom look more spacious than ever. However, before investing your money and effort, consult with the contractor about your bathroom space and the various designs you could implement.

Wrong showerhead in the wrong area 

In a walk-in shower, the showerhead is extremely crucial. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that using a stationary showerhead aimed towards the opening of a walk-in shower will result in water on the bathroom floor.

Use a rain head that is designed to be directed down at your head if you're designing a small walk-in shower (not bursting full force at your body). It will reduce the chances of water spilling onto the bathroom floor.

Walk-in shower not built to keep you warm 

A full glass enclosure has the advantage of keeping water and steam contained. By its very nature, a walk-in shower has more openness than a full shower enclosure. Heat can escape because of openness. How can you have the 'best-of-both-worlds,' an open design and a warm shower, as the question goes? There are a few options for obtaining these two rewards.

To begin, install a heated floor. They're going to keep you warm (even in the harsh, cruel winters).

Second, with your open shower system, you can go halfway. Include a pivoting shower screen that covers half of the opening.

Privacy concerns 

Your walk-in shower is perfect until you realize that you will be showing more of yourself than you want. If you live with your partner, family, or roommate, then the walk-in shower must be created, keeping comfort levels and privacy needs in mind. Therefore, instead of settling with clear glass, you can opt for a semi-enclosure and discuss with your constructor to strategize the design with respect to privacy concerns.

Think Over Maintenance 

Whether you select the hexagon grey matt tiles or ethnic stone beige matt tiles, you wouldn’t want to enjoy your new walk-in shower less and end up cleaning more. To avoid such tedious chores, make sure that you research every option available when it comes to tiles - from natural stone gloss feature tile to larger tiles. This way, you can consult with your contractor about the grout options as well that won’t call for frequent scrubbing.

These are some of the blunders you can encounter when installing a walk-in shower and some of the ways to avoid those mishaps. You can never know when one of these decisions will lead you to adversity or discomfort. To achieve a blunder-free and exceptional looking walk-in shower, you need the best people and suppliers to offer you the right suggestions over the selection of tiles, vanity, shower head, among others. 

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