6 Easy Ways to Instantly Add Character to Your Home with Tiles

6 Easy Ways to Instantly Add Character to Your Home with Tiles

Floor and wall tiles have become the most commonly used flooring and wall-covering solutions around the world. Apart from being durable and strong, tiles can also drastically transform the way your home looks. Tiles are easy to clean and require low maintenance. There is a wide range of tiles available in different shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. You can choose one or more kinds of tiles to give an intrinsic look and improve the appearance of your home. 

Before delving into ways to use tiles for adding character to your home, let’s take a better look at the different advantages and benefits that tiles offer. 

What are the different types of tiles?

These are the most popular types of tiles available worldwide in 2022:

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles come in glazed (polished) and unglazed (un-polished) varieties. Glazed ceramic tiles can be plain or with design. These types of tiles are usually used in floors and walls alike. Subway tiles are probably the most common examples of ceramic tiles today. 

Cement tiles

Cement tiles are more traditional and also durable and strong. These attributes make such tiles an ideal choice to install in driveways and the exterior of your house. As these have a substantially rough surface, cement tiles offer significant grip even under wet conditions. 

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are also among the most popular traditional types of tiles. These are smaller-sized tiles and made from natural glass, porcelain, ceramic or glass. Similar to ceramic ones, mosaic tiles are also available in glazed and unglazed versions. These tiles are usually used to add colour to a room without making it too blatant. Usually, mosaic tiles are installed in kitchen and bathroom floors. 

Natural Stone tiles

Natural stone tiles include tiles cut and carved from blocks of limestone, granite, marble, etc. The durability of these types of tiles mainly depends on the particular material used in making them. Hence marble and granite tiles are usually used in living rooms as well as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles are probably the most commonly-used tiles around the world. These are processed and made incredibly strong. These types of tiles are significantly stain, scratch and acid resistant, which make them ideal for use in any room, especially the kitchen and bathroom space. 

Types of tiles for different rooms

Now that you know the different types of tiles you can buy, it’s time to see which type of tile is advisable for different rooms in your home:

Bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used in bathrooms. Glazed ceramic tiles go well with bathroom walls but are not advised for use in flooring. The reason is that glazed tiles are smooth and tend to get slippery when wet. 

Instead, you can use natural stone tiles, such as slate, granite or sandstone tiles. These types of tiles give a better grip when wet. Hence, ceramic tiles are highly recommended for use in bathroom floors. These tiles are durable and also provide an elegant style to your home. You can choose to mix and match, according to the tips given below to get the most out of your bathroom. Experts recommend buying the 3” x 6” tiles for best results.

Kitchen tiles

Ceramic tiles are also excellent for use in kitchens. These are durable and come in a variety of designs and colours. You should choose ceramic tiles that are durable and scratch-resistant because kitchens are high-traffic areas. Make sure to match the interiors and units in the kitchen when selecting tiles for kitchen floors and kitchen walls

Interior experts recommend choosing smaller-sized tiles for small kitchen spaces, and vice versa. 

Living Room tiles

There are numerous tile options when it comes to the living room. You can use ceramic and even natural stone tiles. Besides these, porcelain tiles, Italian marble tiles and terracotta tiles have become increasingly popular for living rooms in the past few years. 

Textured and patterned marble tiles are highly recommended for spacious living rooms and halls. On the other hand, you can use terracotta tiles to add incredible character to your living room and home. This is also a great way to add warmth to your home’s interior theme. 

6 Ways to add character to your home with tiles

Now let’s check out the top 6 easy ways to add character to your home with tiles in 2022:

1 - Biophilia

Biophilia interior design calls for a shift from modern ceramic and stone to more natural and untreated wood-patterns. The element of wood in the house evokes a calm environment and gives a sense of being closer to nature. These nature-inspired ideas have become increasingly popular in wellness design. 

2 - Spa style

The spa style trend borrows heavily from the biophilia trend. It also gives an excellent way to get the outdoors into your house. This style usually involves using soft green and blue tiles. Textured neutral coloured tiles are also recommended as they depict the sky and greenery around us, thus evoking a strong nature-inspired sensation in the guests. Overall, this tiling style creates a spa-like feel.

3 - Oversized tiles

Wellness design themes encourage using over-sized tiles. They are also easier to maintain. Today, you can buy tiles up to 5.25 ft. by 10.5 ft., with thickness ranging between .14 inches to ¾ inches. These overly large tiles look extremely good on countertops, tables, shower walls and other large flat surfaces. You can add a geometric aspect to the tiles by using hexagon-shaped oversized tiles.

4 - Stone style

This theme also relies heavily on using over-sized tiles. Many of these tiles are crafted to depict natural stone, such as granite, marble and precious stones. Thanks to incredibly precise printing technology, patterned tiles can now be used across a suite of showers and a bank of cabinets alike. 

5 - Retro inspired

The retro concrete tile trend is another excellent way to use encaustic tiles. These are incredibly low maintenance alternatives and have amazing patterns. These tiles are effective to add a pinch of creativity to any space. These tiles allow incredible personalization which makes them a strong option for wellness-focused interior themes. 

6 - Glossy 

High gloss tiles are incredibly effective in highlighting the glamorous side of your home. However, make sure you are ready for the upkeep as this style requires significant maintenance. Despite being incredibly glamorous, this design style opens the risk of slipping on the glossy tiles. Hence, make sure to use a slip-resistant cover to avoid falling, especially in wet spaces, such as bathrooms. 


Tiles are incredibly versatile and durable. This makes them an ideal choice for floor, wall and even ceiling covers. Thanks to the amazing variety of tiles, you can use them to create inherently unique and impressive interior designs. Make sure to consult with an interior designer for best results.