Amazing Shower Designs For Your Luxury Bathroom

Amazing Shower Designs For Your Luxury Bathroom

You might have spent hours thinking about the layout designs for your living room or your bedroom and can come up with a brilliant design but designing utilitarian spaces like the bathroom or kitchen can be quite a job.

It is an undeniable fact that luxury bathrooms make us feel good and relaxed. After a long day of work or travelling, a hot shower is all you need to relax and relieve yourself from stress. Having luxurious additions to your bathroom makes it more than just a bathroom; it makes it an experience. 

The options we have these days for luxurious bathroom fittings and styles are numerous. You can design your bathroom the way you want it. Whether you are a subtle personality or a roaring character, you always have options for various luxurious designs suited for your personality.

The best part about any luxurious bathroom is a well-designed shower that can get you relaxed and refreshed. With the advent of new technologies, every day, the shower designs and utility have changed a lot, and you have a vast range of options to choose from.

Let us guide you with some luxury shower designs:

1. Shower Enclosures

The shower enclosures are a super classy addition to your bathroom, and it has a particular character to them. You might have often seen it on television commercials, and they never fail to fascinate us. Not just that, the utility of this shower is quite functional as it gives a good gust of water spread throughout the body.

2. Rainfall Shower

If you love drenching yourself in the rain and want to experience something like that or even better at your home, this shower is what you should go for. The rainfall shower is a cool and stylish shower system which you can definitely consider adding to your luxury bathroom. The water spread is very good, and anybody showering under it can feel their body relaxing.

3.Transcendent Shower

This is one of those shower systems that incorporates the goods from various smart shower systems. The concept of a transcendent shower is simple; it uses various kinds of showers like wall mounted, rainfall and body showers and provides you with a unique experience.

4. Cylindrical Shower Enclosure

If you want to have a shower that has an enclosure and the experience should be luxurious yet not very open, then a cylindrical shower is the one you should go for. This shower looks elegant and can clean your body properly with a consistent flow of water. Additionally, the shower, if complemented with the right colour combination, looks very fancy and grabs the attention of anybody visiting it.

5. Cubicle Showers With Body Jets

This is an ultra-luxury experience at your home. Body jets are the best option for a cubicle bathroom, and the shower system provides you with good cleaning and showering experience. It comes with adjustable pressure systems, and thus you can control the flow and the pressure of the shower system.

6. Smart Computerised Shower System

Technology has evolved the way we used to perceive having a shower. Now with the help of a smart computerised shower system, you can experience a bathing experience like never before. The different shower heads in this system are designed to target different body parts. All the showers can be appropriately controlled, and the water flow, pressure and temperature can be controlled and can be customised as per your preference.

7. Minimalist Shower System

This is a perfect shower system for anyone who lives a decluttered life and wants to have a bathroom space with minimal feel along with a luxury touch to it. Mood lights and rain showers are the elements of this shower system.

8. Bathtub and elegant shower combo

This is a luxurious combo that you can choose for yourself if you want a classy luxury experience; you can clean your body in the bathtub and then head on to the elegant shower, where you can experience the water relaxing your tired body. You can customise this combo with any kind of bathtub you want. The shower system that is best for this kind of setup is the stand-alone rain shower.

Elements of a luxury bathroom

There are a few basic elements that make a bathroom look and feel elegant and luxurious and one of them being the design and colour tones. You can choose from a variety of colour options and can blend them according to your taste.

One common thing about all luxury bathrooms is that they have good quality tiles and bath ware fittings. This is where Initial Tiles & Bathware can help you; you can find luxurious bath ware fittings and trendy tiles right in one place and buy them only after you go through the wide variety of collections they have.