Bathroom Tile Maintenance and Cleaning Techniques

Bathroom Tile Maintenance and Cleaning Techniques

It is normal for the bathroom tiles to develop stains but leaving them stained and dirty isn’t. For anyone who loves taking hot showers or reading a book while lying in the bathtub, the bathroom is one of the most calming and vital places in their house. Therefore, keeping it clean and hygienic is crucial to leading a healthy lifestyle.

So if you are concerned about getting stains in your bathroom floor tiles or walls and are looking for some practical solutions for cleaning them, then you have arrived at the right place. This blog will guide you through the list of practical methods for getting rid of those stubborn stains in your bathroom.

What Are The Reasons For The Bathroom Tiles Getting Stained?

Whether you have marble, concrete, ceramic or any other material tiles installed in your bathroom, humidity is the most fundamental reason for the tiles getting stained or developing moulds. Besides humidity, products like shampoo, shower gel, soaps, etc., can also leave a stain on the white bathroom tiles if not cleaned on time. 

Not only the tiles but the spaces between two adjacent tiles, known as grouts, can also get stained and dirty. Hence, we shall discuss the methods of cleaning the bathroom tiles and the grouts in detail in this post.

How To Clean Tiles Of Different Materials?

Most people have ceramics and porcelain tiles installed in their bathrooms. But with the new-age architecture leading from the forefront, people have also shown keen interest in using tiles and various other materials like glass, cement, and many more. People don’t usually use timber tiles in their bathrooms as they can easily damage due to moisture and humidity.

Since all the materials have different textures and comprise various distinct components, the cleaning methods to remove each stain will be different. If you don’t know how to clean the type of tiles in your bathroom, you might end up ruining them by leaving scratch marks, smudges, etc.


Cleaning Method for Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles-

Porcelain and ceramic are the most widely used materials in tile manufacturing. They are used widely due to their longevity and durability. One can use almost any cleaning agent to wash off stains from these bathroom and floor tiles. The only critical point to keep in mind while cleaning these tiles is to avoid using a coarse and scratchy tool to prevent them from getting scratch marks.


Cleaning Method For Cement Tiles-

Cement or concrete tiles are best for durability and give the bathroom a decent and austere look. One can clean cement tiles with almost any cleaning agent or liquid, like porcelain and ceramic tiles. However, an individual still has to be careful about using any cleaning agent that has acidic content, as cement reacts with acid causing damage to the bathroom floor tiles.


Cleaning Method For Glass Tiles-

A much more modern approach towards bathroom styling and architecture is the use of glass tiles. Due to the high moldability of glass, The manufacturers can easily mould these tiles into almost any shape, size and colour. The glass tiles are also very durable and reliable; maintaining them won’t be much of a task. Just make sure to avoid using any coarse or rough substance for cleaning them; rest, you will be fine.


Cleaning Method For Natural Stone Tiles-

Natural stone tiles have the main constituents from stones like marble, limestone, travertine, etc. These floor tiles add a touch of elegance and give a soothing feel to the bathroom. Since each of the stones has different characteristics and properties, cleaning each one is different from the others. Hence, contact Initial Tiles & Bathware for a professional approach to cleaning natural stone tiles.

Besides this, please avoid using coarse or acidic substances to clean the natural stone tiles and stick to the cleaning agents prescribed for your stone type.

The Process Of Cleaning The Bathroom Tiles

Since we have discussed what to do and what not to do while cleaning the bathroom floor tiles of different materials, it’s time we get into cleaning them. Now that you have figured out which cleaning product is best suited for cleaning the type of tiles installed in your bathroom, follow the steps listed below to get the best results. ( Always start cleaning your bathroom walls first and then move on to cleaning the bathroom floor tiles to be more efficient.)

Step. 1→. First, spray the cleaning agent on the tiles and let them rest for some time.

Step. 2→. Take a soft, non-abrasive scrub pad and rub it on the tiles in a way that creates the letter “S” before the cleaning product dries off.

Step. 3→ After that, rinse the scrubbed area with water.

Step. 4→. Now, use a dry cloth or sponge to wipe off water from the surface of the tiles and dry them off.

How To Clean Grouts?

Cleaning the grout can be complicated if you don’t know what to do. Many good grout cleaning products are available in the market, and you will need to get your hands on one of them according to the type of material used. Pay serious attention to using only soft and non-abrasive tools like a sponge, soft brush, etc., for cleaning the grouts. 

Besides the liquid grout cleaning products, one can also use a steamer to clean those tough stains that build up in the grouts of white bathroom tiles. For this type of cleaning method, you will have to purchase a steam cleaning kit with many accessories that make cleaning the grouts much easier. Using a steam kit for cleaning is very environment-friendly and affordable, so choose wisely.

How To Maintain The Bathroom Tiles In The Long Run?

The main goal for every individual should be maintaining their bathroom over the years. Hence, following the essential points discussed here will help you achieve that goal without extra effort.


Seal The Tiles From Time To Time-

A sealant offers an extra layer of protection for the bathroom tiles and prevents them from getting dirty. It would be best to get the sealing done once every few months.


Keep The Tiles Dry-

Since the primary reason for a build-up of stains is humidity, ensure that most areas of the bathroom remain dry after use. 


Have Proper Ventilation-

Proper ventilation in the bathroom will prevent the humidity level from rising above the standard value, ensuring a stain-free bathroom.


Build a Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Routine-

By cleaning the bathroom once every week, you can maintain proper hygiene, get rid of stains and keep the grout of your bathroom clean.


Keep a Cleaning Brush In The Bathroom At All Times-

Keeping a cleaning brush in the bathroom as standby will help you quickly eliminate the spillage of water, shampoo, shower gel, or any other product on the bathroom floor tiles

We at Initial Tiles and Bathware believe that leading a hygienic lifestyle and maintaining proper bathroom cleanliness is one of the primary factors in having a healthy body and mind. Hence, we suggest you incorporate this mindset by following the cleaning techniques and bathroom tile maintenance procedures explained in this blog.