Choosing Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

Choosing Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

In today’s time, having a luxurious bathroom is a necessity. We spend a lot of time in our bathroom; thus, it should look delightful. If you have spent a lot of money beautifying your house, but your bathroom isn’t that appealing or shabby, your money has gone to waste. Even the guests wouldn’t like to use an undecorated bathroom, which will leave a wrong impression on them. Besides looking appealing and decorative, the bathroom should also be well equipped with amenities and luxuries.

The naked shower design looks elegant and classy when we talk about the shower screens. This unique design changes the entire look and feel of the bathroom by making it look premium. Hence, using the right shower screen is extremely important for decorating your house to luxurious standards. Initial Tiles and Bathware is an Australian bathroom tile, shower screen and other accessory manufacturer that aims to transform your bathroom’s design into a more classy and superior looking one.

Tips to help select the suitable shower screens – Know your screens

Choosing the shower screen that is right for and compliments the ambience of your bathroom is a vital part of transforming the bathroom. Follow the tips below to understand better which shower screen suits you the best.

Understanding the type of shower screens

Plenty of shower screens are available in the market. Each shower screen serves a different purpose and has a unique appeal, so not all shower screens will add value to the ambience of your bathroom. Understanding all the different types of shower screens and their utility can help you sort out the ones that fulfil your criteria.


Many bathroom shower screen manufacturers design and produce both budget-friendly and expensive or luxurious shower screens. If you don’t have a problem with the cost of the shower screen, you should go for the costly shower screens that look more elegant, luxurious and are stronger. If you are tight or low on budget, you can opt for the low-priced shower screens as they serve their purpose by adding to the bathroom’s ambience. For buying great quality tiles and bathware, check out the Initial Tiles and Bathware website.

Future renovation plans

Another essential aspect that one should consider while choosing the shower screen is the possibility of future refurbishment or renovation. You should always select a shower screen by keeping in mind the looks, appeal, ambience of your bathroom and how the shower screen would look in case of future renovations.


With time, the style of products also changes and evolves. With growing technology, more complicated and technical designs have become possible to manufacture. This growth in technology is why multiple designs of shower screens are available in the market. So picking the bathroom shower screen that would look good in your bathroom and help improve the bathroom’s ambience is the need of the hour. A bathroom’s design should not be evaluated based on expensive shower screens, but you should focus more on what looks good in your bathroom.

Size and space

Keeping in mind the total shower area and its space are crucial while selecting the bathroom shower screens. The shower screen should not be that big or small; it should be of the required size to make the bathroom appealing. Having a shower screen of the incorrect size can make your bathroom look congested and small. Therefore, evaluating the size of your shower screen so that you have ample space in and around the shower can save you a lot of time and effort.

Fulfilling your needs

Every house owner wants their house to have a particular look or feel and so installing a bathroom shower screen that stays by the place’s vibe gives the bathroom a uniform and classy look. In addition to this, there might be a few other needs or criteria that you would want your bathroom to meet that will help you both in short and the long run.

We tried to pass on the crucial tips and information that one should follow before buying or installing a bathroom shower screen with this article. With hundreds of products and bathroom designs, it is common for anyone to get confused while choosing the right accessories for their bathroom. For decorating your bathroom and adding a touch of class and elegance to it, consider checking out the Initial Tiles and Bathware website for budget-friendly and classy shower screens. So, take note of these tips and rebuild your bathroom to look gorgeous and stylish.