Choosing the Ideal Kitchen Sink

Choosing the Ideal Kitchen Sink

It's an undeniable fact that the kitchen is one of the most significant spaces in a house. A lot of time is spent in choosing our kitchen design including aspects such as selecting the right layout, choosing an ideal cabinet configuration and deciding on the cabinet and benchtop design. Being too focused on the kitchen design, we often tend to miss making the right choice while selecting other kitchen elements such as the kitchen sink. 

Most people don't give much importance to the kitchen sink throughout the kitchen design process. But wait and think about how many times you would use a kitchen sink in your day-to-day life. From washing your hands and preparing a meal to washing the dishes, the kitchen sink is used regularly. In fact, it can be considered one of the most used kitchen elements. 

Despite its usage, the kitchen sink is not given much importance. Most people settle with selecting any type of old sink and any new type of sink is not even considered as essential as kitchen cabinetry or benchtop. Arguably, a kitchen sink is just noticed or seen as much as cabinetry or benchtop!

In this blog post, we'll provide you with a detailed guide on how to choose the perfect kitchen sink that looks as attractive as your cabinetry and benchtop selection. 

Types of Kitchen Sinks

To start with, while choosing a kitchen sink you need to know what the different types of sinks are available along with their features and what sets them apart. Today, we're past the traditional sink that used to drop into a benchtop and have a lot of other options to choose from. Each of these types has the capability to transform the look and feel of your kitchen significantly. 


  • Top-mount kitchen sinks: The top-mount kitchen sink can be considered as a traditional option, but it is still widely used and is ideal for all benchtop materials. The main thing that this type of kitchen sink lacks is the "wow" factor when it comes to looks.¬†


  • Under-mount (underbench) kitchen sinks: Considered to be a modern alternative to a top-mount sink, an under-mount sink is generally suitable only for stone or engineered stone benchtops. As the name suggests, it is mounted from the underside of the benchtop which would provide that "wow" factor to your kitchen.¬†


  • Farmhouse kitchen sinks: A farmhouse sink can be titled as the "hybrid" type of sink as it is both traditional and modern. They are semi-recessed into the benchtop while the front-facing side is exposed. Additionally, they are suitable for any type of benchtop material for increased compatibility when compared to under-mount sinks. Farmhouse sinks are mostly popular in Hampton, Industrial and country-style kitchens.¬†


Though we've covered different types of Kitchen sinks, there's more to it! Let's explore some sink configurations.

Sink Configurations 

Except for the different types, kitchen sinks come in a range of sizes and configurations. Choosing just what fits your overall design plays a significant role in your kitchen's level of functionality and appearance. Let's dive in and understand different sink configurations. 


  • Single-sink: Single kitchen sinks are an ideal and popular choice for apartments and single dwelling residences. The reason is that they offer the bare minimum functionality and nothing more. Single sinks are available in various shapes such as round, square, rectangular and large trough formats. These sinks are usually the cheapest, but the price varies depending on the type of material.


  • Double-sink: Double kitchen sinks are a popular choice in Australian houses. They provide two separate bowls facilitating washing and soaking simultaneously. Double sinks are available in square and standard formats and are ideal to be considered as a functional choice.¬†
  • Single-sink with drainer: Single-sink with drainer configuration just goes by its name. It provides additional draining functionality to a standard single-sink. The drainer element is a flat surface, allowing it to be configured at the right or left of the sink's bowl. This configuration enables kitchenware to dry naturally even with excess water running off the drainer into the sink.
  • Double-sink with drainer: Similar to single-sink with drainer configuration, double-sinks with a drainer provides additional draining functionality to a standard double sink. The drainer can be configured at the left or right side of the sink's bowls. This configuration perfectly suits families or who prefer handwashing dishes over using a dishwasher.¬†

Along with configurations and types, it is essential to consider if the material you're choosing provides enough durability and long-lasting quality to your kitchen sink.

Choice of Materials

You may have thought that stainless steel sink is the only option available, but those days are long gone. There's a wide variety of sink material options for you to choose from. This is as important as configurations or types of sinks as it will impact the overall look of your kitchen. Along with attractive looks, you would not want to lose on the longevity of a specific material. Due to the regular usage factor and constant contact with water, it becomes really important that your sink offers excellent value for money and lasts the test of time too.   

  • Stainless Steel: As mentioned above, stainless steel sinks are standard yet the most popular ones. This is due to their reasonable price and longevity. In fact, they're the cheapest and most durable material when compared to others. However, modern stainless steel sinks come with various finish options such as black/gunmetal grey, allowing them to offer a more contemporary appearance to your kitchen.¬† A high-grade (304) stainless steel sink will offer about 25-30 years of warranty, making them a highly favourable option when it comes to lifespan.¬†


  • Granite or Quartz: Granite or Quartz kitchen sinks have gained popularity over recent years. They are a perfect modern alternative to stainless steel sinks and provide an impressive and eye-catching appearance to your kitchen. Though they're much more expensive and do not match up to the long lifespan of stainless-steel sinks, a high-grade (80%+) quartz sink will still offer up to a 15-year warranty.¬†


  • Composite Materials: Modern kitchen sinks are made up of a variety of patented composite materials. These sinks are resistant to scratches and dents, making them an attractive yet expensive option. When it comes to longevity, a high-grade composite sink will offer up to 30 years of warranty.¬†

Get your Perfect Kitchen Sink Today! 

As we've gone through all the types, configurations and materials available in kitchen sinks, it's time for you to decide what suits your needs the most. If you're designing a kitchen in 2024, the sink plays a significant role in order to beautify your kitchen's appearance and making it stand out.

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