Discuss these 6 things with the tiler before tiling your home

Discuss these 6 things with the tiler before tiling your home

Tiling may seem a straightforward task where you are only required to choose the tiles for the designated area, but it is not that simple. While tiling requires a plethora of steps, from choosing the right tile material to getting the right finish, it is important for you to know the things worth discussing with the tiler. Sure, the tiler can recommend to you the trending styles for your bedroom or your bathroom, but before coming to that, you must as well have your own perspective on the tile types, such as the subway tiles, mosaics, or even splashback tiles, so that you end up with the trendiest designs while keeping up with the style statement of your home. 

If you don't want to end up with a result that is not up to your expectations, then consider following the six things Initial Tiles & Bathware recommends you discuss with your tiler before tiling your home. 

1. Check Your Tile Order Before The Tiling Process

After selecting the shade of your tiles, you must check the contents when you receive the delivery. Inspect that you have received the items that you selected. Examine the colour, size, and pattern of the tiles. Consider checking the finish of the tiles as well. Also, check the quantity and verify if any tile is damaged or has any form of defects. 

Also, note that checking whether the plumbing has been done at the right place or if the heated flooring is installed properly is crucial to know. You must know all the factors and discuss the proper spaces to cover and your requirements with the tiler before the tiles go over the surface. 

2. Verify The Right Quantity With Your Tiler 

No one wants to start the remodel job only to get stuck in the middle because the quantity of tiles is not sufficient. Hence, consult with your tiler to get an understanding of the size, measurements, and quantity of tiles you require so that you don't find yourself hanging in between. You may as well get an additional 5-10% of each tile of a different style so that even with slight calculation issues, you won't run out of tiles. 

3. Work with Right Grout & Silicone

Grout and silicone are just as important as your tile requirements since they can make a huge difference to the final look. If you are creative enough to come up with the idea that is out of the box or is in trend, consider discussing it with the tiler to know the facts and understand if the type or style of grout you wish to include can be added. It can be bold or can just complement your room; the key is to not shy away and be transparent with the tiler about your choice of tile grout.

4. Pattern and Layout Matters

Similar to the grout style, even the varied pattern and layout to achieve a look is also crucial. The tiler will not think twice about the patterns and probably will go with the traditional approach of tilling design. It is your responsibility to convey your idea, creativity, and other requirements to your tiler and discuss the varied patterns and layout in order to achieve attractive and different looks. You may as well show some images to the tiler for reference, which will give them an understanding of the pattern they need to work with. 

5. Edges and Corners - Trims and Mitring?

The experts of Initials Tiles & Bathware recommend the use of mitred edges. However, it's up to you which form of edges and corners you prefer for the designated area. Since mitred edges take time and effort, it is vital to discuss the style you have in your mind with the tiler. These forms of style also come in different price ranges. Hence, it is also vital that you consider the various costs involved and the budget you are working with. 

6. Get Extra Tile Batches

Batches of the same tiles sometimes vary in shade, which is quite normal. However, the change in the shade in the same production is not that often. Irrespective of this slight variation, Initial Tiles & Bathware recommends purchasing additional 5 to 10% tiles of the actual count so that you have matching batches. 

Also, it should be noted that none of these extra tiles is going to go to waste. The additional tiles can be kept aside for future use if you come across any tile damage or require extra tiles for a new pattern. 

Initial Tiles & Bathware has a reputation for rendering the best quality tiles at low cost, be it the indoor and outdoor floor tiles or the kitchen and bathroom tiles; we provide you with all. While there are varied cheap tiles online options available for you to choose from, you can always try the free tile samples to come to a decision. 

Contact today to try the free tile samples or engage with our experts to understand the pattern and type that can complement the style statement of your home.