Handy Tips for Visually Spacious Bathroom Design

Handy Tips for Visually Spacious Bathroom Design

The majority of us desire a bathroom that includes a separate tub and shower, a sink, or maybe even a chaise (if the space allows) in order to achieve our dream bathroom. However, it becomes pretty challenging to prevent the feeling of being cramped and claustrophobic while living up to all your needs when it comes to a smaller bathroom. But, with the right colour palette, suitable tiles, and minimal hardware selection, you can embrace your bathroom space, regardless of its size.

Today we bring you some handy tips to maximise your bathroom space; whether it is an ensuite bathroom or a downstairs powder room, you can make it work and look spacious enough.

1. Make Some Room for Natural Light

Small bathrooms can often feel darker and devoid of natural light that can enhance the look of space in your bathroom. If you only have one window in your small bathroom, then consider installing a skylight or solar tunnel to guide more light into the room. Even a translucent window can do the job perfectly without invading your privacy.


2. Play with Airy and Neutral Colours

Speaking of natural light, neutral colours, such as white, reflects any available light rather than absorb it. Hence, choosing a lot of white can create a seamless look for the bathroom, making the space as airy as possible. But, you can still go for light and neutral colours other than white, such as grey, nudes, blush, light blue, which will make the room feel bigger.

3. Tapware Placement

When you look into an array of bathroom tapware options, you should consider whether your bathroom is being renovated or built. If you are demolishing the bathroom, then it gives you the freedom to repipe your plumbing situation to acquire the desired fixture. Hence, your selected fixture can be wall-mounted tapware which provides a lot of space on your vanity.

However, suppose the construction or the situation doesn’t allow the alterations. In that case, it is recommended to choose from the limited options of bathroom tapware that suits your existing pipeline and free up enough space to make the room feel bigger.


4. The Tiles Express Everything!

Choosing long tiles with plain, neutral, or a single shade of colour can help emphasise the space in your bathroom. You can even prefer the same colour tiles all the way up to your ceiling and long bathroom floor tiles with patterns. This way, you can elevate the length to your ceiling and open up more space for your bathroom.

Bathroom tiles can also be selected in a way where you will require fewer grout lines. The right-sized tile and fewer grout lines can help you enhance the length and width of your bathroom visually.

5. Frameless Shower Screen

When you go frameless with a glass shower screen, you enjoy a bathroom that will allow more light in your shower area, aiding visual barriers. Unlike bulky frames, these frameless shower screens offer elegance, class, and sophistication while enhancing the illusion of space.



6. Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

If you love dramatic corners or love playing with shape, then consider looking into wall-mounted round chrome mirrors or oval gold frame mirrors to achieve a room that feels larger and also adds a touch of glam.

You may also choose to create a combination of round mirrors with an intense vanity base for a unique style. Also, when you are short on storage space, it's better to get yourself a mirrored cabinet that effortlessly blends with your bathroom's current surroundings.

7. Backlight the Mirror

A more chic way to amplify light while creating an aesthetic look can be to backlight the mirrors (LED mirrors). If you don't have enough space for a lighting fixture, then getting backlit mirrors isn't such a bad idea.

8. Have You Given Shower Niches a Thought?

Creating space for storage is always tiring for some people. A space entirely for bath essentials can rob you of extra space and can even lead to messy shower caddies & shelves. Installing shower and bath niches not just saves you ample space for all your essentials but also makes it visually appealing.

9. The Right Equipment Make Seamless Transformation

Whether you choose a best-quality vanity, a small bath, or minimal furniture for your bathroom, it should always look clean to appear more sophisticated, lusher, and of course, more spacious. The more equipment or materials you use, the more cluttered it becomes.

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