How to Look After Your New Tiles?

How to Look After Your New Tiles?

The tile floor enhances your kitchen and bathroom to an exceptional and adorning level where a vast number of cleaning methods can be applied to maintain their longevity. It's important to take care of your new tiles if you want them to last for many years. After the tiles have been installed and grouted, they will need to be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any remaining residue. 

To upkeep the tiles for a long time, we will be discussing a few instructions on how to clean them on a long term basis. Since there is an extensive range of tile types for tile flooring, it is essential to understand the different cleaning methods and techniques used for them, especially newly fixed tiles.


Maintenance of New Tiles 

After installing new tiles, the residue left due to grouting is the main concern of your cleaning process. One may need to wait for almost a week for the grout to dry up. 

Now, we will discuss some steps that you must follow to take care of your new tile flooring.

Step 1. Remove all the loose grit and debris from the surface using a broom.

Step 2. Drench the grout joints of your tile floor with clear and cool water.

Step 3. To remove the grout affected portion, follow the manufacturer’s instructions while diluting the phosphoric acid cleaner in warm water. Apply this mixture to the affected area or the portion you want to clean.

Step 4. The solution stays there for a good few minutes until it breaks down the grout, dirt, or grease. Scrub off the solution using a brush and remove the dirt while using a wet vacuum cleaner. (Repeat this step for 3-5 times if deemed necessary)

Step 5. Before you allow the surface to dry, you should rinse and clean it with water several times. Make sure that there is no residue left of the acid cleaner. 

Step 6. After removing the excess water from the surface, you should dilute the cleaning detergent in high concentration to a bucket full of warm water. This process is needed to infiltrate the dirt. 

Step 7. After 15 minutes of leaving the solution on the surface, rinse and clean all of the detergent and the dirt using clear and cool water. Lastly, remove the excess water using a wet vacuum cleaner.

New Tiles for your home

Maintenance of Indoor tiles 

  • For kitchen tile floors or bathroom tile floors, one should use a vacuum or sweep the tiles to remove the loose grit and dust from the surface.
  • For meticulous cleaning, you can use Stone & Tile cleaner available at Initial Tiles & Bathware with some warm water and a microfibre mop. Using a damp microfibre mop will be a better option to grab the surface and remove the daily dust.
  • Avoid walking on the tiles while it is still wet.
  • One should also avoid using soap-based products to clean the tiles since they leave a thin layer or film on the surface that attracts more dust.

  • Maintenance of Outdoor tiles¬†

  • To clean up the outdoor tiles in your patio or around your pool area, use a bristled broom to sweep the area.
  • Remove any remaining dirt by hosing them down.
  • To clean your tiles with an environmentally friendly cleaner, use a scrubbing brush or a stiff-handled broom.
  • Remove debris and cleaning products from the tiles by rinsing them.
  • Use a mop to remove extra water.
  • Stone & Tile cleaner available at Initial Tiles & Bathware is ideal for such tiles.

  • How Often Should Tiles Be Cleaned?

    We recommend a regular cleaning routine that includes both dry and wet cleaning to keep your tile appearing clean and residue-free.

    Dry clean: Vacuum or sweep once a week or whenever debris can be seen (or felt). On any type of tile floor, a soft-bristle vacuum attachment can be utilized, but it may be difficult to squeeze into corners or narrow places. To finish the work, use a hand brush and dustpan.

    Wet clean: Plan to mop the tile floor in your kitchen every two weeks and the tile floor in your bathroom once a week (germs tend to build up in bathrooms). Spot clean your grout every few months or anytime it appears dirty. 

    Maintenance of Tile Grout

    There are a few different techniques to clean the grout between your tiles if it has become dirty. You can clean your grout with a commercial grout cleaner. Make a paste with baking soda and water, then apply it to the grout and let it sit overnight. The next day, brush it off with a nylon brush.

    It is vital that you do not clean your tiles with bleach or acid-based chemicals. These corrosive chemicals eat away at the protective coating on your tiles, causing irrevocable damage. 

    However, stone, ceramic, porcelain tiles, among others, need additional assistance for the upkeep of their material.

    Basic maintenance of tile floors is necessary that involves sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and using cleaning solutions worth your money and diligence. Initial Tiles & Bathware provides you with various cleaners and a plethora of tiling designs for the inside and around the house. Visit our store or shop at our online site. You can contact us for more information regarding tiles and bathware.