Laundry Tiles: Stylish and Effective

Laundry Tiles: Stylish and Effective

Who likes doing the washing in the first place? And what adds to avoiding it more is if your laundry is cluttered, out of date or damaged. But what if you get to turn your laundry into a place you won’t mind spending some time in? 

Laundry spaces are the most vulnerable to getting constantly untidy as if you haven’t cleaned them in weeks. The load out of the dryer, fuzz and dust keeps reappearing. There’s even visible dust on surfaces due to the moisture being glued on them. Every space in your house is different and hence it becomes really important to consider these factors while making a choice of tiles. For laundry spaces, to be specific you’ll need something that’s easy to clean, hides dust and looks attractive at the same time! 

Still not sure what fits right? Let us help you choose the ideal tile type and suggest some impressive laundry tile designs with their key highlights. 

Porcelain Tiles

Why are porcelain tiles just the right fit for your laundry? 

    • Non-porous: Porcelain tiles do not absorb anything; this means that they don’t require any sealing or maintenance even after long-term use. 
    • Durability: Porcelain tiles are one of the most durable ones. They’re extremely hard and dense, perfect to resist wear, scratching and chipping. 
    • Cost-effective: Though high-quality porcelain tiles might be comparatively expensive, there are a lot of options to choose from making them suit any budget easily. 
    • Attractive looks: Available in a wide range of colours and designs, porcelain tiles are very attractive and compatible to go with any home-decor setting ideally. 

There’s a scope for extra creativity in laundry spaces as they’re mostly separate from the rest of your house. This gives you a chance to experiment and set your own style and design to transform your laundry space completely without ruining the overall home decor theme 

Now that you know why porcelain tiles are the best fit for your laundry space, what kinds of designs do they have to offer? How do you know what goes well with your house ambience? To answer all these questions, let's dive in! 

Timber Design 

In case you like timber floor styles, a porcelain timber tile would be a perfect choice to go with. With the latest technology, timber is beautifully replicated on the tiles to create an attractive yet genuine effect. Choosing this design gives you the beauty of timber eliminating any sealing or maintenance cost. Considering varied design options, this tile would make a good impression while hiding dust, dirt or fuzz that can even be cleaned easily. 

Terrazzo Design 

Terrazzo is one of the most popular tile designs and makes an eye-catching choice for your laundry. With beautiful designs and a wide range of styles at an affordable cost, terrazzo tiles just can’t go unnoticed! Additionally, they can hide dust and dirt just as easily as timber-designed tiles do. 

Concrete Design 

The most highlighting aspect of concrete-looking is the variety of sizes they come in. If you want to make your laundry space look simple and pretty decent, concrete designs can make it possible. Once you make sure to choose some design variations in order to hide the dust, dirt or fuzz, concrete-looking tiles are good to go! 

Feature Tiles

Feature tiles can easily boost the character of your laundry space eliminating the dull or untidy looks. Not only do feature tiles are good at hiding dirt and fuzz but they’ll make sure to brighten up your space as well. There’s always a space for experimenting with feature tiles as laundries would be separate from the rest of your house. 

Laundry Tiles: Design Ideas

While you can always be creative with unique styles and designs while choosing laundry tiles, we’re sharing some tips that might serve as inspiration for you! 

  • Black tile laundry room: Laundry rooms don’t always have to be simple or classic, black tiles can give them a bold and contemporary look.

  • Black and white tile laundry room: Looking for a classic design for your laundry space? The Black and white colour combination goes well with any type of home decor setting, you can experiment with more colour combinations to choose what suits the best! 

  • Brick tile laundry room: To have a traditional or industrial decor, you can opt for brick-look tile in your laundry room. A brick look can also attract a warm-aesthetic aura into your laundry space. 

  • Moroccan patterned laundry room: Tired of your old-fashioned and boring laundry space? Moroccan patterned tile is a popular and trendy choice that can transform the look and feel of it completely. Even a black and white combination in this pattern can lead to a visually stunning result. 

  • You can play around with all these laundry tile inspirations and figure out what goes perfectly with your home decor and laundry settings. There’s no restriction in experimenting before selecting an ideal theme based on what designs, style or colour fits perfectly. 

    Made your choice for laundry tiles just the way you want? 

    It’s time to take a step forward! 

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