Patterned Floor Tiles: 7 Things You Should Know

Patterned Floor Tiles: 7 Things You Should Know

Floor tiles are one of the most significant aspects when it comes to home decor. The colour, style and look of the tiles can transform your living space completely. If the pattern and colour of the floor tiles sync with other surroundings, it’s a perfectly balanced colour scheme for your home. The wide range of looks and styles that patterned floor tiles offer, lets you choose what suits your personality. In addition to a beautiful appearance, they can even make you feel at home, for real. Additionally, patterned floor tiles are highly durable and add to the strength of your floors, making them a perfect choice.

In this article, we’ll help you understand everything that patterned floor tiles have to offer and how they can take your home decor to the next level! Let’s start with the 7 things you need to know about patterned floor tiles. 


1. Unique Styles, Beautiful Looks

With the evolving world of home decors, patterned floor tiles come with a variety of styles to choose from. The attractive styles are specially designed to keep up with the modern home decor trends. 

As a suggestion, an intricate pattern is exactly what would suit a compact room. For big rooms, larger patterns are eye-catching and give them a pleasant look. Large pattern tiles are an ideal choice for spacious hallways and they can blend with your home's overall decorations. This gives a pleasant aura to your home with beautiful colours that attract positive vibes. 


2. Creative Patterns

Patterned tiles lead to creative options enhancing your home appearance. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there's a unique pattern for everything! With such a wide range available, there's so much room for creativity.  

You can add plain tiles separating two patterns or create a rug effect for highlighting a specific area. A border pattern in between two rooms add a stunning effect. With separate patterns for your backyard, patterned tiles can even beautify the outer areas of your home. 


3. Transform Your Living Space

Patterned floor tiles can just easily change the look and feel of your space. They can bring life to a dull-looking space and add bright colour effects changing the boring appearance into an energetic space to live in. 

The bold and highlighting patterns enhance the room textures with a variety of geometric designs, deco styles and floral designs as well. Patterned tiles can easily fit into any space, redesigning the surrounding environment completely. 


4. Maintenance Friendly 

One of the best features of patterned tiles is their high durability under regular use. The tiles are built of glazed porcelain, making them easily cleanable. The strength and less maintenance make the tiles friendly for regular usage even in the presence of kids or pets. 

In the case of outdoor areas such as balconies or courtyards, separate patterned tiles are available. These tiles are specially designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. In high movement spaces, you can prefer encaustic cement tiles that are proven to be highly resistant to any wear and tear improving their lifespan extensively. 


5. Multi-Purpose Tiles

Patterned tiles can not only glorify your floors but also add a stunning effect to the walls as well. Soft, pastel patterns on the walls blend ideally with the bold patterns on the floor creating a unique design. Patterned tiles in the washroom can also add to the hygienic environment. 

Creative decor patterned tiles can even redefine your stairway. These tiles blend easily with modern home decor solutions due to their abundant availability and extensive range of choices. You can always be creative with the shapes, patterns or colour shades for a more personalised living space. 


6. Decorative Entrances

Patterned tiles are a unique way to add a beautiful look to your home's entrance areas. They can even match the door colours or create colour patterns for enhancing the entrance view. 

Decorative entrances can be one of the most special additions to your home decor as the entrance areas are the first noticed spaces. Creative pattern ideas that sync with your basic home decor theme can be used while selecting decorative entrances. 


7. Patterned Tile Ideas 

As you're aware of the amazing features of patterned tiles, here's a list of sometime ideas for various spaces. 

  • Vintage-inspired tile designs for your bedroom.
  • Marble tile designs are ideal for the washroom. 
  • Complementary tile combinations work best for the kitchen.
  • For decorative spaces, add geometric shapes for a traditional look. 

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Patterned tiles can completely transform your home decor based on the latest trends. Using patterned floor tiles creatively can even highlight certain areas of your home. As we covered the multi-purpose features of patterned tiles, they can be easily used on walls for an attractive and personalised space. Patterned floor tiles not only glorify the complete look of your home but also provide you with a chance to choose what goes the best with your personal choices. The feeling of being at home is special and patterned floor tiles fill in that pleasant aura creating a peaceful living space. We hope you got to know about the unique and amazing features of patterned floor tiles that make them a perfect choice for your home decor. 

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