Reasons to Choose Timber Look Tiles – A Must Tile Trend in your Home

Reasons to Choose Timber Look Tiles – A Must Tile Trend in your Home

Majority of homeowners feel that wooden home décor gives a quaint and cosy look to your house. Timber look tiles in the house can create a feeling of warmth. These tiles also seem to keep you closer to nature. However, not everyone can install genuine wooden floor boards. Hardwood floors are extremely expensive to install and maintain, as they are vulnerable to stains and scratches. This is when timber look feature tiles become the best solution. 

Now you must be wondering if timber look tiles could be the ideal alternative to hardwood floors. Wood-like floor and splashback tiles are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in Australia. In this article, we shall take a look at the main elements of these tiles and help you decide if timber look tiles are ideal for your house. 

Are there different options in timber look tiles?

You don’t necessarily need to install expensive and high-maintenance authentic hardwood floors to get a stylishly quaint look. Porcelain timber look tiles will work equally well and even better. These are trendy choices that provide authentic, inexpensive and low-maintenance wood-like floors. Leading tile providers, such as Initial Tiles & Bathware use advanced techniques to create extremely convincing faux-wood tiles for floors, bathrooms and splashback. 

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of timber look tiles available today:

1 – Tiles that look like wood

There are numerous benefits of choosing to install tiles that look like wood in your home. These are extremely durable tiles. These tiles do not retain moisture which means that the tiles do not suffer stains and scratches easily. These tiles are quite easy to maintain and a simple sweep and mop will keep the tiles clean. The timber look tiles do not have harmful chemical compounds and are also recyclable, making them extremely eco-friendly too. 

Tiles that look like wood are inexpensive and provide you with a luxurious floor without the expense of hardwood tiles. These are very stylish tiles and come in a large variety of styles and colours.

2 – Ceramic wood look floor tiles

Ceramic wood look floor tiles come in a wide range. You can choose from a variety of colours, styles, designs and sizes. You can choose between glazed and unglazed tiles for a more natural appearance. Wood-grain ceramic floor tiles have a distinctly unique look. 

3 – Porcelain wood look floor tiles

Porcelain wood look floor tiles are available in various colours, patterns, textures and finishes. You can choose conventional cherry, chestnut, oak and rustic driftwood finish tiles among others. You have an extensive collection to choose from and can easily alleviate your home interior with these incredibly stylish tiles. 

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Timber Look Tiles?

There are several major advantages and express benefits of using timber look feature tiles. You can use these timber look splashback tiles in your kitchen. You can even buy bathroom timber look tiles for an overall rustic look to your home. 

Here are the main advantages and benefits of choosing timber look tiles for your home:

1 – Timber look tiles are waterproof

These select timber look tiles have a zero moisture absorption level, which makes it incredibly water resistant. This makes timber look tiles an incredibly feasible choice to install in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. You can even use these tiles without worry as cladding for shower areas. These tiles are water resistant to such an extent that they can also be used in swimming pools and wellness centres. 

2 – Timber looks tiles are durable

Natural wood tiles are vulnerable to wear and tear. However, timber look tiles are incredibly resistant to stains and scratches. Hence, these are increasingly being used over other types of floor coverings. This is a distinct feature of porcelain timber look tiles and is the reason that these tiles are often used in public and commercial areas where there is significant foot traffic. 

3 – Timber look tiles are stain-resistant

Timber look tiles tend to have a low porosity level hence it is resistant to damage from chemicals. These tiles tend to have the highest level of chemical resistance, as per UPEC standards. Any stain visible on these tiles remains only on the surface and can be easily removed with a wet cloth or sponge. This also makes these the most popular types of timber look tiles for splashback in the kitchen. 

4 – Timber look tiles are heat-resistant

Porcelain and ceramic timber look tiles are extremely resistant to heat and can withstand direct flame for longer durations. Basically, these tiles are non-combustible. These tiles also do not suffer any visible effects of heat, such as blackening or darkening. This also means that these tiles do not emit any toxic gas or substance after exposure to a flame.

5 – Timber tiles are weather-resistant

High-quality timber look tiles are completely frost-resistant, which makes them extremely weather-proof. These tiles can also be used outdoors without worries. You just need to ensure that you choose the right thickness and surface finish for particular spaces in your home. Prolonged exposure to the elements, such as sun or rain does not cause damage to these tiles. 

6 – Timber look tiles are long-lasting

Timber look feature tiles will look the same even after years of constant use. These tiles do not lose their colours and finish. So, you need to make a thoughtful decision when choosing the type of colour, style and pattern in timber look tiles. 

7 – Timber look tiles are easy to maintain

Timber look tiles do not require additional treatment once they are installed properly. For instance, these tiles do not need to be oiled, waxed, varnished or polished. This way, you can avoid damaging your flooring as solvents and other chemicals otherwise spill and spread to the flooring below. These tiles are completely inert and don’t absorb any chemicals. 


Timber look tiles from Initial Tiles & Bathware are incredibly popular in Australia. Homeowners are increasingly buying from the vast collection of timber look feature tiles and bathroom tiles with timber look. These tiles are incredibly affordable and require no maintenance, thus giving you peace of mind and a stylish home for years.