Simple Techniques for Cleaning Wall and Floor Tiles

Simple Techniques for Cleaning Wall and Floor Tiles

 Keeping our homes clean is one of the most important tasks to accomplish. Maintaining the cleanliness of our environment not only helps us in making a good impression on our guests and neighbours but also helps in keeping our minds at ease. However, no matter how decluttered and minimalist the house is if the tiles of the floor and wall look stained, the place looks much older and dirty. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to include a cleaning routine for the tiles if it's not on your list already and to find newer and better techniques to clean them effectively if you already do. Cleaning tiles is much easier to do indoors with smoother surfaces. Furthermore, it can make a difference of day and night if you use better products, to keep your place spic and span. So let's find out one of the best cleaning methods to achieve that new look in the kitchen and the bathroom. In the interest of maintaining a cleanliness regime that is easy to follow for most people, below are tricks and techniques that require easily available products and tools:


1. Clean Often 

Cleaning the tiles of the kitchen and bathroom very often is an excellent way to ensure that the walls and floor don't look old and dirty. Make it a point to clean the tiles every week or fortnight. By doing so, one can ensure that the grime layers won't accumulate over time and it will make one's job to clean easier. This also saves time in the long run as you get more accustomed to the cleaning routine so that it becomes a habit.


2. Use White Cement

Over time, the grout surface darkens and looks very tarnished and unclean. This can give off a very off look, especially on the bathroom surface. To make the tiles appear cleaner and newer, one can use white cement. This is a swift way of whitening the grout and making the tiles look squeaky clean. This way you also save money by not having to get it done professionally. Just make sure that you have the right consistency and use gloves for protection. To top this off one can also use a tile polish solution to make the surface shinier. White cement can also have several other applications such as covering wall discolouration, filling tiny nail holes on the wall, making artistic artifacts or idols, etc.


3. Get Your Chimney Professionally Cleaned

The kitchen is one of the most difficult surfaces to clean because of the installed chimney. The chimney is subjected to a lot of oil splattering and needs special cleaning. As the surface needs dismantling to clean thoroughly it is advisable to get it cleaned professionally. This will make sure the tiles are easy to further clean in the kitchen and looks well-maintained. 


4. Lemon Juice 

When cleaning surfaces that are made of oil gunk on kitchen walls, cleaning them with lemon juice would be your best bet. The area around the chimney and stove tends to be where most of the oil grime gets collected. Use freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply it on the surface and keep it for 10 minutes, then take a metal scrub to wipe it off with ease. In case you don’t have a good metal scrub at the moment, you may temporarily use an old but clean toothbrush. This will ensure that the difficult crevices are also cleaned thoroughly.


5. Vinegar

Another acid that could help in cleaning the dirt off the tile surface is using vinegar on the tiles. Spray vinegar on the bathroom and kitchen tiles and let it sit for half an hour. Clean it using a cleaning brush thoroughly and be amazed by the results. Vinegar has a peculiar smell which is not usually liked by everyone. Therefore, once you clean using vinegar, you can wipe it over with a regular soap solution to make the area smell fresh and sanitised.


6. Baking Soda

A common ingredient found in most households is baking soda. It has more function in the kitchen than to make your cake fluffy and spongy. Baking soda is one of the most useful cleaning products one can own. Simply make a paste of baking soda by adding a little bit of water and apply it to the tiles. Use a rug to clean off the surface. This will ensure that the tiles look whiter and cleaner. You can use baking soda for not just cleaning your tiles and floor but your ovens and shower heads too.


7. Buy The Right Scrubs And Brushes 

No matter what products one uses, if the tools are worn out or cheap, the results will be subpar. Hence one must carefully choose the scrubs to make sure that their fibers are strong and do the job it is made for. In addition to that, the brushes should have strong bristles which do not come off even on applying a lot of pressure while doing the wiping movement. Finally, the scrubs and brushes must be changed frequently to avoid getting old dirt on the tile surface again. 


8. Mr. Muscle To The Rescue

When our lives get busier, we might find it hard to give enough time to certain aspects. This cannot let our living standards take a backseat. Therefore, using a good brand of cleaning products can be of great help. Some brands are worth the buck when it comes to cleaning and maintaining household hygiene. Using products such as Mr. Muscle can make cleaning a much faster and simpler chore. This will also make sure that you do not skip any part of cleaning and follow it religiously.


9. Consistency Over Perfection

Many people tend to get obsessed with tiny details and lose sight of the bigger picture. This is true for a house cleansing ritual as well. It is therefore important to be gentle with yourself and focus on consistently taking the steps towards the general maintenance of the house than worrying over tiny details.

Most households make the effort to clean their floors. But making the time and commitment to sustaining the spotless appearance of the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom can make a huge impact on how beautiful your abode looks and feels.