The Advantages of Terrazzo Tiles

The Advantages of Terrazzo Tiles

The modern world of interior design is getting more and more inclined towards the use of natural materials, making terrazzo tiles a popular and highly preferred choice. Terrazzo can be considered the front-runner in many building projects today. Except for being multi-purpose flooring material, it can be used as wall panels or stairs that can blend with any type of home decor setting. Terrazzo can easily blend in a variety of spaces such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial areas. 

There are different ways of installing terrazzo but poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo has been a favourite choice of architects due to its expansive design options. Cement terrazzo is also a popular choice known for its vintage look and is highly preferred for exterior applications. Another option is the precast terrazzo that is pre-made under a specific controlled environment before being transported to the construction site. 

Terrazzo tiles come with a wide range of design variations that make them one of the best options available for interior and exterior flooring. If you're to consider terrazzo tiles for your home decor, here are some of the major advantages that you must know about: 


1. Easy Maintenance

Terrazzo tiles stay spotless and hardly incur any stains. Even in case of spills or regular stains, you can always clean them quickly. However, to avoid damage to the tiles due to scratches and stains, it is recommended to use an extra layer of coating. 

Additionally, terrazzo tiles come with easy cleaning features. You can clean the tiles easily through a regular mop in just a splash. After cleaning, the surface tends to look new and gives your house a fresh and attractive look. You can even use simple cleaning equipment like cloth to wipe off accidental spills. Choosing terrazzo tiles can prove to be a one-time investment saving you a lot of money spent on high-maintenance materials such as marbles or limestones. 


2. Highly Durable

These tiles not only give your house an adorable look and feel but are also highly durable. The durability is derived from the materials used for their production. The presence of cement and other materials makes it one of the strongest types of tiles. 

This reduces maintenance and improves the overall lifespan of the tiles. The long-lasting terrazzo tiles eliminate water absorption making them more durable and resistant to moisture. 


3. Range of Options 

Based on the production material for terrazzo tiles, there are an almost infinite number of choices to select. They come in different colours and materials that could easily go with any type of home decor and suit the surrounding environment perfectly. Such variety in designs and colours is hardly available in any type of tile. 


4. Variety of Applications 

Terrazzo Tiles not only provide such a huge variety of design and colour options, but they can also be used in various living spaces and applications. Their applications extend from flooring, walls, bathroom, kitchen, laundry spaces and a lot more areas.

These vast applications are due to the large number of materials that are used to produce terrazzo tiles. As the key highlights, the high resistance, sustainability and durability of the tiles make them easily suitable for use in all places. Their installation is easy and can be done in a lot of ways or patterns including straight brick or Versailles. 


5. Eco-friendly 

Another key advantage of terrazzo tile is that it is 100% eco-friendly. Small pieces of different types of stones and glass are the materials used to make this tile, making it a recyclable material.

With the growing demands for sustainable development in every industry, consumers have become more aware and opt for materials that do not cause any harm to nature. This further acts as a great advantage and adds it to the list of environment-friendly building materials. 


6. Attractive Looks

As mentioned above, the stylish designs and abundant colour options that terrazzo tiles offer bring out a special vibe anywhere you install them. Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, poolside etc., terrazzo tiles can go with any place, perfectly. 

It's worth a mention that terrazzo tiles are no longer designs from the past. They have made their way back into the construction industry and have grown to become one of the most popular tile choices. With new designs and colours fitting almost every modern living space, they make your home decor look elegant and eye-catching. 

Except for the new designs and extensive variants, terrazzo tiles have become a popular choice as people have become more aware of sustainable materials. As mentioned above, the terrazzo tiles are considered 100% eco-friendly making them an ideal sustainable material. Therefore, not only do terrazzo tiles bring in great looks but also conserve the environment. 

Types of Terrazzo Tiles 

As we've gone through the long list of benefits offered by terrazzo tiles, it's vital to have a look at the most popular types of terrazzo flooring options available currently. 

New trends, technologies and changing lifestyles bring revolutions around almost every industry. The introduction of resin systems opened up two main types of terrazzo flooring:

  • Epoxy Terrazzo: The key highlight of this flooring type is its quick installation. The epoxy matrix used to bind aggregate permits the development of a thin-set system that leads to a smooth and luxurious finish on the floor. In fact, this system can cure overnight and get ready to be polished the next day, saving a lot of time and allowing faster completion of construction projects. This speed of application acts as a huge advantage in places such as shopping centres, malls and offices.¬†


  • ¬†Cementitious Terrazzo: As the name suggests, this flooring type makes use of a cement matrix and develops multiple terrazzo systems, such as sand cushion, rustic, bonded, monolithic and polyacrylate systems. This flooring type suits best for exterior areas and renovation projects. This is because the system is usually thicker and heavier, providing more strength and durability.¬†

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