The Best Pet-Friendly flooring tiles

The Best Pet-Friendly flooring tiles

Owning a cat or a dog would make you aware that our pets are our constant companions with a steadfast love for us. They are a important part of our family, which makes it utterly annoying when your faithful companion wreaks havoc on the flooring, uses it as their playground, and gets mischievous around the house. 

Pets are so loved and cared for by their owners that most of the time, rather than remain annoyed and frustrated. They allow their pets to tear up and destroy the flooring. So, therefore, selecting the best pet-friendly flooring tiles can save you a lot of headaches and time.

You would not choose a pet that was not best suited for your family; indeed, you should adopt the same criteria for your floor. But how do we know what flooring tiles best suit our beloved pets?

Let's look at the top choices for our four-legged friends.



It is not an average sheet roll floor or the old stick-on tiles you find in most of the college rentals and public rentals. Nowadays, vinyl sheet flooring is frequently seen in slats or planks, mimicking the exact look of natural wood flooring.

The three most popular and common options are:

  • Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) has a stiff core composed of stone and plastic and may include attached underlayment padding.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile (LVP/LVT)¬†is installed as an adhesive glued-down product and has a durable water repellent upper layer.
  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) has a stiff core composed of wood and plastic and can advance with an underlayment padding attachment.

As a water repellent and "floating floor," WPC and SPC Vinyl floors are perfect for pets since they lock together. They aren't permanently attached to the subfloor, so moisture does not seep into the subflooring, and they have an excellent excess so that they won't get wet. Consequently, the next time your pet has a bad accident, it won't damage the flooring. Additionally, it is durable, scratch- and scuff-resistant, and is available at a reasonable and low price. You can either do the click lock installation procedure yourself or let our professional team take care of flooring installation and give you a helping hand!



The laminate flooring option may be the best option if you want a wooden floor and want to achieve it at a reasonable price. The laminate is usually made of HDF-composed materials and mimics the authentic appearance of hardwood floors by attaching a digital image of wood grains to the backer. Floating laminate flooring is similar to vinyl WPC or SPC flooring, but laminates do not waterproof as well as vinyl.

Laminate plank flooring has a topmost layer that is water resistant, especially if it is cleaned immediately after a spill. But if moisture or puddles are left to sit on most laminates, they will absorb the moisture and may cause the flooring to swell and buckle. So keep an eye on the new pups of your beloved companion. 



Tile flooring is undoubtedly one of the most durable, long-lasting, time-efficient, and well-approved options. Moreover, it is available in various styles, shapes, materials, and finishes. Most importantly, it offers near endless options to choose from. Two of the most well-known and best flooring tile for our furry partners are ceramic and porcelain varieties, as they are secured and glazed for extra protection compared to other natural stone tiles.

Once the installation procedure is completed correctly ‚Äďwe assure you this‚Äď it's utterly brutal to ruin the tile itself. You may, however, consider using stain-repellent grout or additional sealing if you own a pet. It is worth every penny of your investment to save future time and headaches from your fluffy companions.



Solid wood flooring is literally and figuratively at the top of the woodpile! It is combined with a urethane finish and forms a durable protective layer that can easily take care of your dog's scratches when he flashes around the house in his nightly zoomies session. Hardwood floors, from nailing down to the complete installation, are finished on site. While the various wood species determine the grain or pattern, you can easily select a stain colour.

However those who are a bit environment-concious, a water-based polyurethane can be implemented in exchange for traditional oil-based products. But excessive moisture will warp and destroy the flooring, but they are resistant to surface moisture, spills, accidents, etc.

 As you know, solid wood is usually one big plank of solid wood. Concrete wood floors can be refinished numerous times if necessary, thus allowing them to last lifetimes. It would be best if you avoided softer wood species such as bamboo, pine, etc., as they have a very high moisture-absorbing tendency and are not very efficient against our fluffy partners. Wooden floors won’t be cost-efficient, but they can be easily found in a price range of mid to high.



One of the best wood flooring options you can choose is engineered wood floors, which combine the advantages of laminate and solid wood floorings. In addition to the hardwood, the floor is covered with a wear layer above the poly-composite core. If scratches or spills become unclear, engineered floors with a thicker top wood layer can be sanded and refinished several times.

Surface moisture and minor spills are okay if cleaned up immediately, but excessive humidity and waterlogging can permanently damage and ruin the floor. Many different engineered wood floors can be scratched, same as the solid wooden floors, but the correct protective choices will positively take care of those nail scratches! They usually come with a wide array of options for finishes, qualities, colour, patterns, style and more.



Numerous carpet flooring products manufactured and produced specifically for pets' needs are now available all over the market, offering a wide variety of products that add resistance to stains and soil. However, buyers should beware as the moisture and stains can easily penetrate through the back side of the carpet and eventually into the subfloor. Especially the cat owners who clean their carpets know the actual struggle very well.

Always make sure to choose pet-specific carpeting that features a moisture-resistant back. Combine this with a moisture-resistance pad for a more long-lasting and comfy experience for you and your fluffy companion. Also, pay close attention to the different available options, such as Berber or continuous weave products, which the mischievous .pups and kittens can quickly unravel.

Carpet is a hot, comfy, traditional flooring option that can last numerous years with pets. Nevertheless, it will require replacing every ten years or so due to its short wear life.



Concrete flooring has been gaining a vast amount of popularity in recent years. It is used vastly as it is a very durable and excellent spill-resistant alternative.

 It was once used specifically for commercial and industrial purposes only.

Prepare the concrete for stains and finishing.Often acid etching, grinding or patching may be required to prepare the concrete for stain and finishing, and a water-resistant layer should be applied. Coloured concrete flooring can be applied to brighten the appearance of the floor.



While we’ve discussed all the various options individually

Filtered on the scale from lowest cost to highest, all the different categories are listed below based on their entry-level opportunities:

  • Concrete
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • LVP/LVT Vinyl Flooring
  • WPC/SPC Waterproof Vinyl
  • Tile
  • Engineered Wood
  • Solid Wood


 In this article, we mentioned all the pet-friendly flooring available in the market and ensured we gave you a well-informed detail about all the materials. So that you wisely choose the right kind of suited flooring for yourself.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day head!