The Impact of Tile Shapes on Room Perception

The Impact of Tile Shapes on Room Perception

Selecting tiles that go hand-in-hand with your home decor and sync with the room type is always essential before getting them installed in your house. The factor that most people don’t consider during tile selection is their shape. With a wide variety of options available, after design selection, choosing the ideal tile shapes might not seem that important. People tend to decide on tile shapes based on the room size and don’t pay much attention to how it would impact the overall appearance. 

Believe it or not, tile shapes can highly influence the overall room perception and even add attractive effects to the pre-designed ambience of your house. Let’s go through some influential factors while choosing tile shapes that can redefine the look and feel of your rooms. 


Big Tiles Add a Spacious Effect

Bigger tiles of around the size of 60x60cm can take up extra space. This directly leads to the other furniture looking comparatively smaller giving a more spacious and open feel to your room. The grout lines can further highlight bigger tiles and larger areas covered. 

Though big tiles might not be the ideal choice for the tighter spaces in your home such as the bathroom, or outer porch area. As big tiles require extra space, it won’t be possible to adjust them in smaller places. Trying to adjust big tiles in these areas can also prove to be costly as they might need to be cut for adjustment. Thus, it is better to avoid using big tiles for tight spaces.


Small Tiles Highlight Room Fixtures

Just like big tiles can add a spacious effect, smaller tiles can take less space for installation and highlight other room furniture and fixtures. Smaller tiles used in the kitchen areas can highlight other modern kitchen fixtures. They can also be used in smaller spaces where you want the focus to be on personalised furniture and home decor items. 

We recommend not using tile sizes smaller than 30x60cm as it would highly increase the number of grout lines. Excessive grout lines can make areas look too busy and ruin the highlight effect. You can still use tiles smaller than 30x60cm in unnoticeable areas such as back walls. They can also be combined with tiles over 30x60cm used on the floor. 


Tile Placement Matters 

Consider if your kitchen has a smaller area or covers lesser space, placing wooden effect tiles horizontally from the door can make it seem much bigger.  Horizontal placement of the tiles will make the work surface area larger than it actually is, making the room seem more open. 

In the same case, if you place the tiles vertically, they’ll make the room appear smaller and add a squeezing effect. There’s an alternative of using a herringbone pattern too, as it can widen the gap between the sides, eventually making the room appear more stretched. Tile placement can influence a room perception based on your requirement to make an area look bigger or smaller.


Effective Use of Light-coloured Tiles

Light-coloured tiles look trendy and attractive while making your room appear bigger. Brighter colours can make your room look more open and spacious. Another advantage is that the increased light can call attention to the furniture and fixtures without making it look too congested. 

Allowing natural light inside the room can highly increase the spacious effect created by the light-coloured tiles. As natural light syncs well with light-coloured tiles, it makes the room looks attractive and appealing. In case the tiles have a gloss finish, natural light would even reflect around and highlight tile patterns. 

Tile shapes can not only improve the overall appearance of your rooms but also make your house look more open or help highlight fixtures. Using the tile size and shapes creatively can extensively enhance a room's perception with ease. Along with shapes, the tile placement can play a major role in adding a stretching effect required in the smaller areas of your house.

Now that you’re aware of how tile shapes can have a huge impact on your overall in-house appearance, it becomes important that the tiles you use are trendy, attractive and of high quality. Initial Tiles provides Sydney’s best, most affordable and high-quality tiles with a wide range of designs to choose from! Additionally, we also provide kitchen, laundry or bathroom wares based on your house theme. 

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