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Tiling Your Bathroom

Tiling Your Bathroom On A Budget

, by Initial Tiles, 6 min reading time

Since you are here to learn the varied bathroom tiling ideas on a budget, without further ado, let's get into the 11 savvy yet budget-friendly designs that can transform your bathroom. 


#1. Large & Freestyle Tiles 

Large marble look tiles may cost you over $30 per metre square, but they cover more space which can result in buying less material for an accent wall. Freestyle tiles, on the other hand, offer an atypical approach where you can opt for four different patterns to acquire an exceptional spot without ruining the existing style statement of your bathroom.



#2. Go Timeless With Subway Tiles

The classic subway tiles never go out of style. A small investment on an accent wall using these timeless tiles can save you from remodelling the bathroom for a long time. Note that tiling all the way up to the ceiling will also make the bathroom appear taller. The features that make subway tile a good fit for any space is its classic shape and versatility to suit any style. But, this doesn't mean that you cannot think out of the box and try something new. 

We recommend adding contrasting grout to acquire a brand-new look to the already trendy tiles. 



#3. Bathroom Floor - Large Tiles Or Hexagon Mosaic?

Just to let you know that large tiles are a big 'NO' when it comes to bathroom floors. Large tiles or large patterned tiles won't support you on the floors of a shower due to the sloping and because it can be too slippery. And let's not forget that these tiles can cost you over $40 m2.

Hexagon mosaic tiles, on the other hand, feature an anti-slip surface due to its structure which is best suitable for bathroom floors or shower floors for that matter. You may as well just cover a small part of your bathroom floor with this inexpensive bathroom tiling to give the space an unconventional and edgy look. 



#4. On-Trend Two-Tone look

It may happen that you have fallen in love with a bathroom tiling idea from Pinterest or started admiring expensive patterned tiles and Shell Fish Scale Mosaics but can't afford to tile even an entire wall of your bathroom. 

But, why not go halfway. This will not only save you money but also gives your bathroom walls an on-trend two-tone look where you can go for a bold contrast with plain white walls or jazz things up with a dark coloured wall and nude coloured tiles. 

#5. Feature Splashback

If you desire a statement wall in your bathroom space, behind the mirror, but the entire wall remodelling is going over the planned budget, then consider an appealing backsplash instead. Choosing varied colours with attractive patterns in one corner of your bathroom coordinating with towels and accessories can render an ambience similar to any statement wall. 


Bathroom Tiles


#6. Showoff Those Existing Gorgeous Tiles

Let's deviate a little bit from the tiling ideas to a budget-friendly approach by setting up a shower screen. You might already have a statement wall or striking monochromatic effect in your shower space which gets mostly covered up by a shower curtain. 

You can consider switching from a shower curtain to a glass door that ranges from frameless hinged door to semi-frame sliding door (at Initial Tiles & Bathware), where the price starts from $150. The shower screen will not only offer you a smart and chic look, especially in front of your guests but also will be easy to clean in comparison to a curtain. 

#7. Tile Only The Wet Space

Tiling only the wet areas can allow you to go gentle on your budget, along with the opportunity to employ high-end materials. This way, you can plan to either go for a low-budget bathroom tiling trend or opt for a more high-end material and finish. 

For instance, you can only cover the shower area (both wall and floor) according to your creative needs using low priced tiles or you can opt for (pricey) Encaustic Patterned Tiles only for the walls in your shower area. 

#8. Opt For A Luxurious Look With Cheaper Alternatives

When we say cheap alternative, it doesn't really mean an inferior material. 

To achieve that luxurious and sophisticated look, you can try working with affordable marble-effect tiles. This alternative white gloss design can save you from a hefty price tag while garnering applause from your guests.  

#9. Get Rid Of Grime

Be it your new bathroom tiles, indoor tiles or outdoor tiles, maintaining the grout enhances not only it's setting but also retains its longevity. 


All you need is a good commercial grout cleaner along with a toothbrush to get rid of that grime. You can also make a paste with baking soda and water/vinegar, which you can apply to the grout and wait for the magic to happen.

Apart from these tips, you can still use the Aqua Mix Grout Colourant if you want to brighten dull tile borders and get rid of the dirt, faded or washed out grout.  

#10. Rejuvenate The Existing Tiles

Another budget-friendly way to uplift your bathroom space is to clean the tiles using a reliable tile cleaner. However, make sure to avoid soap-based products that can leave a thin layer on the surface to attract dust. Also, try to steer clear of bleach or acid-based chemicals that can rob you of the protective coating on your tiles.

#11. Buy Online And Go DIY

Some of us are really into DIY, even if it means bringing a little mess in the bathroom space. The satisfaction of obtaining the result from an inspiring and creative idea is priceless. This also means that you can cut back the cost of labour. 

You can consider buying hexagon tiles of the same colour with one hexagon with a different colour or pattern to create something unconventional. 

You may as well get a box of single coloured tiles (bright colour preferably) and makeover the shower space or entire bathroom walls to obtain a room that illuminates in light. And all this can be done by yourself with the help of youtube videos (only if you are into DIY) without spending a lot of money.

When it comes to stretching one's wallet to obtain products of high quality, we know exactly how it feels. Therefore, Initial Tiles & Bathware brings you high quality indoor and outdoor tiles at affordable prices. You can also enjoy an extensive range of bathroom fixtures by ordering online and visiting our Instagram page for more bathroom renovation ideas. 


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