What Features To Look For When Choosing Floor Tiles?

What Features To Look For When Choosing Floor Tiles?

If you start looking for floor tiles online, you will come across a plethora of tiles with varied materials, designs, textures, and colours. But, one must understand that not all tiles can fit your desired space, and not every tile can be up to your expectations. It should be noted that each type of tile comes with different aspects or factors. Hence, to understand the varied factors and determine the features of floor tiles, the professionals of Initial Tiles & Bathware have curated a list of characteristics that best defines floor tiles.

1. Tile Durability and Scratch Resistance

When choosing floor tiles, you are, in fact, considering foot traffic. Hence, investing in floor tiles that are highly scratch or extreme weather resistant is important. The durability of floor tiles determines the longevity of your installation and the style statement that you desire to shape.

A busy patio or a kitchen requires floor tiles that are strong, robust, and wear well. Now, when it comes to kids and elderly people in your home, you should be going for tiles that are slip-resistant. Ceramic or porcelain tile is recommended due to its textured surface. Even small tiles, such as small mosaic tiles, come with more grout lines that render an overall surface that is slip-resistant. Choosing tiles that are hard and durable will probably result in a surface that is devoid of cracks or any bends.

2. Think About the Colours

While a floor tile features durability, porosity, and varied other attributes, the colours and different patterns of the tiles are also important characteristics that you should look for while choosing floor tiles for your home. The colour you have in your mind speaks of your desire for the style you wish to acquire either for your living room or patio. Your larger rooms can benefit from the darker colours, or patterned tiles of lighter colours can help make a small area or small room appear big. But, you may as well go for wood look tiles or concrete tiles to render a unique style statement.

With Initial Tiles & Bathware’s wide range of colours and textures in floor tiles, you can create a style for your kitchen area or the bathroom space that can be contemporary or eclectic or even country. One can choose the polished or honed porcelain to acquire that contemporary look and render a sleek appearance. On the other hand, timber tiles can give your space the country vibe it craves for. In fact, the experts of Initial Tiles & Bathware also recommend using the same grout colour as the colour of your tile to create a seamless look.

3. What About Tile Hardness?

Now, you may find this repetitive, but again the durability and scratch-resistant attributes of the tiles are important. These characteristics are directly proportional to the hardness of the tiles. The hardness of the tile determines the material’s ability to withstand scratches, foot traffic, or any kind of wear. And there are tiles available for varied spaces, from tiles that can withstand light to normal foot traffic, tiles that are ideal for light to moderate traffic, and tiles that are best suited for moderate to heavy foot traffic. Initial Tiles & Bathware works with durable, robust and moisture-resistant tiles that have versatile designs. So, there is no chance that you will end up with tiles that aren’t good quality.

4. Porosity Matters

Porosity or water absorption is an attribute that determines if the floor tiles can be installed where you want them to be. Bear in mind that the ratio of air holes to the solids in those floor tiles impacts the amount of water absorbed, so the desired space where you wish to install the floor tiles should be of high porosity level or rating if you have a moisture-prone area in mind. And this attribute or feature of the floor tiles is essential to maintain the longevity of the tiles. Hence, first, determine if the floor tiles are to be installed in a high-moisture room or a low-moisture room.

5. Tile Size

When choosing floor tiles, the size of a tile is always relative to the size of the space, area, or room. This rule of thumb is not always followed if you already have a style, size, and colour in mind. When it comes to the size, your floor tiles don’t have to be square or rectangle. You can experiment with hexagon-shaped tiles, or you can go for large format tiles.

It is important to maintain your floor tiles as well. While all the above-mentioned features of a floor tile are crucial to acquiring the best tiles, maintenance for the same is also vital. But, all floor tiles aren’t the same. While the ceramic tile is a low-maintenance option, porcelain tile can easily replace marble tiles, given its similar stone look.

Initial Tiles & Bathware believes that every Australian can acquire high-quality cheap floor tiles, irrespective of the style they choose, since we are the importers and distributors of fashionable floor tiles, and we pride our motto of rendering low-price, high on quality floor tiles. Contact us today to check out our indoor and outdoor tiles and go over our free tile samples to find the best tile for you.