What Finish Suits a Bathroom Vanity Best?

What Finish Suits a Bathroom Vanity Best?

Are you having a bathroom renovation, but are unsure on the type of finish you want? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place.


In this article, we will review one of the most popular finish options for bathroom vanities, things to take into account when selecting the correct bathroom vanity finish and when to consult the experts at Initial Tiles & Bathware.


What Finish Suits a Bathroom Vanity Best?

The answer to this question isn’t quite as simple as you may think. The material from which your vanity is constructed affects how waterproof your bathroom vanity is, and thus the type of finish you wish to employ for your bathroom vanity.


1) Waterproof Wood Wax

If you have chosen a wood top vanity for your bathroom, using a finish is very important. This is because wood tends to swell when exposed to heat if you don’t apply the correct finish.


Generally, if you want to make sure your wooden bathroom vanity stays intact and is long-lasting, you need to search vanities having a waterproof wax finish.


2) Polyurethane

Polyurethane is especially long-lasting in high humidity areas such as the bathroom as it is more ideal for these conditions, and will not be damaged. It’s also relatively water resistant, so you will not have to worry about the incidental splash many bathrooms are prone to.


3) Semi Gloss

Matte paint tends to bubble and flake when you use it on a bathroom vanity. Therefore semi-gloss must be your favoured choice. Additionally, it maintains its overall appearance and integrity with a bit to no deterioration over time.


4) Laminate 

Laminate is also a preferred choice for bathroom cabinets since it is water-resistant and highly stained. But, it is recommended to choose matte-finish laminates – smudges, stains, and scratches are more noticeable on a gloss finish than on a matte finish.


For bathroom cabinets, avoid using wood veneers as they are more sensitive than laminate and need regular maintenance.


5) Latex

A more pocket-friendly way to finish the bathroom cabinets is with oil-based or latex paint and primers. It is better to choose latex paints, because they give out less VOCs than oil-based paints.


6) Glass shutters

You can also use plywood to build the structure of your bathroom cabinet and choose glass shutters. Glass offers a modern look and gives a component of lightness inside your bathroom.


7) Lacquer

Professionals go for lacquer mainly because it dries fast, which lets them work several coats in a short period and rapidly moves many pieces through the finishing process. Lacquer also gives moderate durability that suits bathroom vanity together with various other indoor items, like tables, shelving, and cabinets that are not used heavily­. And if the finish needs repair, mostly any solvent-based lacquer will mix into the existing coats, making fixes almost invisible.


There are two types of Lacquer finishes:


a) Solvent-based

If the label says the product needs lacquer thinner for cleanup and thinning, you must use a solvent-based nitrocellulose lacquer. This finish provides an amber shade to materials, yellows with age, and can become hard. Exposure to sun can further increase yellowing and crazing or cracking.


b) Water-based

The product’s label that says water for cleanup describes a water-based acrylic lacquer. It goes on and remains clear, without the amber shade of solvent-based lacquer. Water-based formulations offer more flex, so are less probable to crack over time. The first coat increases the wood grain, which needs sanding before recoating. Water-based lacquers contain hardly any VOCs, and are prone to cost more.


8) All-in-one finishes

These products combine a pigment with a polyurethane finish, providing both protection and colour to your bathroom vanity in one step. Like traditional stains, all-in-one finishes are available in a variety of shades. 


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