What Kind Of Tile Should You Use In A Small Bathroom?

What Kind Of Tile Should You Use In A Small Bathroom?

When it comes to tile selection, every individual has a different choice and a different opinion for bathroom tiles based on their requirements and likings. Now, if you are trying to give your small bathroom a spacious look, then choosing the right kind of tiles will surely help you achieve this objective.  

Let us see how you can play with tiles to give your small bathroom a spacious look through this article. So, read on.

The first and foremost things to address are the feel and the look you like for your bathroom. The bathroom has to be styled and renovated or built as per your liking as it is you who would be using it regularly. A few tips to consider while selecting the tiles for your bathroom are mentioned below. These tips would serve your purpose of making your bathroom look bigger than the actual size.


Size of the Tile

It is a fact that if oversized tiles are used in a room, it makes it look smaller. In such cases, if bigger tiles are used in an already smaller bathroom, it will make your bathroom look even smaller. All the interior designers suggest and advise using medium-sized tiles for small bathrooms. Our team has extensive experience dealing with such projects and requirements. 

We recommend it is better to avoid 80√ó80 cm or 60√ó60 cm tiles in small bathrooms. But if you use small tiles, they would again make your bathroom look small as many grout lines would show up. You could use medium-sized tiles or smoothened, edged large tiles with matching grout colours. This will help your small bathroom look bigger.

The Colour Scheme

For small bathrooms, it is always advised to use neutral colour shades and not very vibrant colours. Natural shades like pearl, white, light grey would give your bathroom an enlarged look compared to vibrant and solid colours. Lighter shades would reflect the light making the area seem much bigger, while the darker shades would cut the light making the area look smaller. So, while selecting tiles for the bathroom, ensure that they are all neutral in colour. 


The layout of the Tile

We have come to the final tip of giving your small bathroom an enlarged look. This tip is based on the layering of the tiles; the layout of the tiles. It is recommended to place the tiles in a diagonal pattern as it tricks the viewer into thinking the space is bigger. 

When regular square tiles are laid, we don't perceive them as spacious, but our eyes are drawn to the diagonal points when the tiles are diagonally laid. Our brains try to figure out the number of tiles placed and get tricked into thinking many tiles are laid. This gives the effect of a larger bathroom.


Patterned or plain tiles

Which one to choose? Patterned tiles, especially busy ones, will undoubtedly make walls appear to advance, making a bathroom look smaller. If you want to add character with patterned tiles, lay them below the dado rail height and use simple, light-coloured tiles above. This method will draw the eye upwards and across the room, making it appear bigger and lighter. 



The fixtures and fittings you choose for your bathroom, as well as their placement, might influence how small your bathroom appears. Installing huge taps, sinks, and other fixtures in a small bathroom will make it appear cramped and overcrowded. To keep everything in balance, choose modern, streamlined fixtures that suit the size of your bathroom. 


Choosing tiles for a small bathroom

Where to tile in a small bathroom?

If your tile is from floor to ceiling and wall to wall in a small bathroom, it can feel unwelcoming and clinical, but you should try to achieve as much decorative flow as possible to give the room a sense of space. To put it another way, if the placement of the fixtures and fittings means that there will only be small gaps of painted wall between, say, a bath splashback and a basin, it's preferable to tile the entire length of the wall and limit the changes in tiling levels rather than interrupt the tiling. 

If you're tiling the majority of your walls, make sure your bathroom floor tile isn't too matchy-matchy. Is it realistic to have a bathroom with only white tiles? To give some contrast to your wall tiles, choose a patterned floor tile (or vice versa).

Everyone has an opinion on what kind of tile you should use in a small bathroom, especially if you're attempting to make your small bathroom feel larger. We hope this article has helped you choose the best tiles for your small bathroom! 

If you need more information on how to decorate your small bathroom or have any other questions, please visit our website, Initial Tiles & Bathware. You can also look over our samples and possibly get them for free. If you're considering a bathroom remodel, contact us right away for trendy bathroom tiles. We're just a click away.