Which Tiles Are The Best For Living Room Floor?

Which Tiles Are The Best For Living Room Floor?

The living room or your lounge area is where your family spends the maximum time together. Anyone who visits your home will first see your living area as soon as they enter. This makes it very important to keep your living room presentable. It is recommended to take care of minute details while building or revamping the living room tiles design. The tiles take up a considerable part of the presentability of the room as they give a strong foundation for your overall look.

We have compiled a few tips for tile selection for the living room. Read on.

How To Select The Right Living Room Tiles?

Choosing tiles for the living room is not a stressful task. In fact, there are numerous designs and customisations readily available in the market. All you need to do is choose the one that matches your requirement and your living room decor. Check out the below tips for the selection procedure.

Durability and Maintenance:

While you begin your tile hunt for the living room, it is important to keep cleaning and maintenance of the tiles in mind as it is the room that receives maximum footfall in the entire house. So look out for easy cleaning tiles.

The Ambience:

As mentioned earlier, the living room should be beautifully decorated, creating a pleasing ambience for the house. To achieve this, using floor tiles that are cohesive with the living room ambience is very important. It is recommended that you first select a theme and then look out for tiles that will match the theme. 

Add Colour:

Try not to make your living area a typical stereotype space. Instead, make it vibrant and unique. You need not go for beige, white or soft colours. Let your imagination flow while selecting an out-of-the-box theme and add the tiles accordingly. Your living room area should not only set a style statement but may as well portray your personality.

Consider the Furniture and Paint Colour for Flawless Blend:

Consider selecting the furniture and wall paint of the living room before taking the final call on tiles in order to mix and match with the decor.

Living Room Floor and Wall Tiles

Different Types of Living Room Tiles

The market for living room tiles is extravagant. It is on you to explore the best options for your abode. A few popular types of tiles are mentioned below.


1. Wood Look-alike Tiles (or Hardwood Tiles)

Hardwood tiles are easier to install, very durable, and allow a smooth cleaning process as well. If you prefer a wooden look on your living room floor, engineered hardwood tiles can be a great choice since they have amazing water resistance characteristics and come in several designs, colours, and styles.

However, you may anticipate that wood can still be easily scratched, making it hard to maintain. But, Natural Oak Porcelain Matt Finish or Sonora Oak Matt from Initial Tiles & Bathware not only provide a material that allows ease at maintenance but also gives the natural wood appearance.   


2. Marble Tiles

When it comes to a classy and elegant yet sophisticated look, marble tiles can do it all. While they can withstand a lot of traffic, you can find them in a broad range of colours from charred ash, olive to a misty grey. 


3. Terrazzo Tiles

This can be a great option if you wish to obtain a shiny looking finish that is also durable and tough. They are heat and water-resistant, making them a versatile option for your living room, patio, or even kitchen floor. 

Typically made from a mixture of recycled glass and natural aggregates, terrazzo is also an eco-friendly flooring option for both commercial and residential buildings.


4. Travertine Tiles

Coming from the source of natural stone, travertine is a type of limestone which is a strong, dense stone, has a universal appeal and therefore has been used for thousands of years. Its stylish appeal is timeless, which allows it to render a classic, elegant, or unique natural look, given the textures and colours.


5. Concrete Tiles

Available in a wide range of styles and shades, concrete tiles are a sustainable option that offers versatility, longevity, and ease of maintenance. One of the reasons for its popularity is due to its feature of being a naturally allergy-friendly tile, making it a suitable option for those who have asthma and allergies.

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