Which Vanity Basin is Best for My Bathroom Renovation?

Which Vanity Basin is Best for My Bathroom Renovation?

The vanity basin in your bathroom is frequently used by you and your family members, making it the most used product in your bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to find the type of vanity basin that can render functionality and the range of designs and styles you are looking for in your bathroom. With so many years in this industry, our experts acquired the proper knowledge of bathroom basins and understood the struggle behind selecting the best one for your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom vanity basins come in varied shapes, and choosing one depends on your needs, the size of the bathroom, who will be using it, along with specific expectations. Therefore, we bring you different types and styles of vanity basins in order to assist you in making an informed discussion related to your bathroom vanity basin.

Six Bathroom Vanity Basin Types

A bathroom renovation involves the modification of almost everything in that space, which also calls for the commencement of items or things that will go with the desired style statement of the bathroom. But, choosing one type can be challenging or overwhelming only when you are not sure what you are looking for. Hence, consider exploring the below-mentioned basin types to understand which basin type can bring the most features and functionality to you.

1. Top Mounted Basin

Ideal for elegant ensuite and grand bathrooms, top-mounted basins sit on top of the vanity surface. It should be noted that these basins are suitable for practically every benchtop material. In this particular basin type, installation doesn't require tapholes or advanced plumbing for the basin to be mounted in one place. Top-mounted basins don't have the risk of getting damaged by water due to the cut-out being covered by the basin. But, if we have to specifically discuss this type of basin based on its looks, then consider installing a top-mounted basin for its minimalist schemes.

2. Inset Basin

Inset basin is mostly selected for its minimalistic look, removing basin rims that depict a bulky surrounding. The structure of the basin portrays an effect where the basin seems like it has sunk slightly into the bench. This chic and stylish design saves you space and renders a clean look.

3. Undermount Basin

When it comes to this particular design, you can choose it for a streamlined choice. Even though the installation process can be a bit complex, it is still a great addition to your bathroom if you have a tall vanity. However, before selecting this design, do consider the material for the same since not every material is suitable for under-mounted basins.

4. Wall Hung Basin

Wall-mounted basins are directly fixed to the wall without the need to sit or get fixed on a benchtop. Due to this type of design, the wall-hung basin offers a more visible room and makes the bathroom feel bigger.

5. Freestanding Basin

This type of basin is designed to perfectly fit or sit on top of a counter. If you wish to create a contemporary design for your bathroom, then freestanding basins can be it for you. Freestanding basins add a touch of elegance to any space while enhancing the original style statement of the room.

6. Semi-Recessed Basin

The choice of the semi-recessed basin is made for those bathrooms or ensuite that comes with limited space. With this type of design, it seems that the basin is hung over the edge of your vanity.

It should be noted that Initial Tiles & Bathware does include the above-mentioned types of basins, but they are not limited to these styles. They also include art basins, stone basins, bottle traps etc.

Is it Crucial to Have the Right Vanity Basin?

The right vanity basin is something that represents your style and taste. Equally important, the vanity basin shouldn't only fit the surrounding; it should also enhance the space. One knows that even a small disruption can create a jarring effect, be it a chain of chores that gets impeded or a sudden turn from soothing music to a metal track.

Similarly, choosing the right vanity is vital since it is a prominent part of the bathroom, and any wrong choice regarding the design, style or type can upset the flow of your bathroom style. Choosing the right vanity ensures that the design and style of your bathroom space flow seamlessly and doesn't appear as if it doesn't fit.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Vanity Basin? 

Factors to consider before choosing a certain item for your home, property renovation or bathroom must be included. The factors or aspects make the selection easy and clear most doubts you probably would be having related to the vanity basins.
  • Consider the style you wish to have in your bathroom.
  • Consider the material of the basin that will suit the countertop and the unit.
  • Consider the space that is available in your bathroom.
  • Consider checking the wall to determine which type of vanity basin you need to buy.
  • Consider the people who will be using the basin - adults, children, guests, or all three.
Now that it is clear how and what options of vanity basins to explore, contact us today for more information.