Why Are Floor Tiles Important in Commercial Places?

Why Are Floor Tiles Important in Commercial Places?

Any commercial place with high traffic can be prone to damaged tiles. People coming from different situations and places can carry hard particles with dirt in their shoes that can cause tiles to deteriorate. Vinyl tiles and laminate flooring are two prevailing options, but we have to compromise on some features if we decide to use either of them. Some tiles are aesthetic, but they might be expensive. Even if you pick a tile according to its durability, it can come on a higher budget. However, cement tile is one material that gives both beauty and durability. 

Unlike ceramic tiles, which have clay as their main component and are baked in a kiln, cement tiles are made of a mixture of cement, sand colour pigments and powdered marble. This mixture is poured into customised metal moulds and compressed under 2000 pounds of pressure.

Whether you own an office building, hotel, cafe, restaurant or boutique, cement tiles are perfect for adding to the aesthetic value as well as the functionality of the place.

Still not convinced? Here is a list of reasons you should choose cement tiles for your commercial space.


Unusually stylish

Commercial floor tiles are available in various colours, patterns, designs and textures, making them one of the most flexible materials in the market. Usually, cement tiles are used for feature walls in kitchens or backsplash. However, they can also be used for commercial flooring. Floral, mosaic patterns and geomagnetic patterns are popular designs that we see in cement tiles. We also get to see some culturally influenced designs in almost any colour. 

Easy to remove and update 

Commercial cement flooring tiles are pretty good for commercial places like hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes. They also need to be updated regularly according to the current style and trends. We can remove and reinstall these tiles in various patterns or create a new look with them. While hardwood and concrete flooring are very easy to clean, they can be expensive to replace. You can overcome this issue if you use cement tiles.


Commercial Floor Tiles


Cement tiles are made of materials like cement, sand and marble, all of which are known for their durability. Thus, they can resist heavy use. This is also why cement tiles are not damaged by foot traffic, unlike hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles. Therefore, they offer the perfect flooring option for commercial places.

Can resist heavy foot traffic 

Any commercial place being used very frequently is a good sign, but it also takes a toll on its floors. For such areas, cement tiles are a perfect fit as they can handle any high volume commercial business. They can also withstand deterioration of the surface as they are resistant to the effects of traffic, wheels and sunlight. 

Scratch resistant

Usually, pet owners think of scratch-resistant flooring, but this flooring can be very beneficial for commercial places. We can use beautiful concrete tiles at our commercial site to prevent scratches due to footwear, bags, clothing racks, luggage and carts. 

Easy to maintain 

We often want things that are durable and easy to maintain then why not tiles? Cement tiles are effortless to maintain and last for an extended period. You don't have to think of repairing or upgrading them for many years. They possess a very smooth cover that makes cleaning dust, dirt and water easy. 

Cement tiles can reduce your electricity bills

Cement tiles have a high thermal mass. This means that they can retain temperature very well. So, how does that benefit you? Because of their increased capacity to hold temperatures, they are excellent insulators, thus improving your home’s comfort level. During summer, they will keep your house cool and during winter, they’ll keep it warm. You can now reduce your air conditioning and heating costs if you use cement tiles.

Customisable design options

One of the best features of cement tiles is that they can be manufactured in small batches. Therefore, you have the freedom to create your own custom tile design that matches the tone of your business the best, in case you don’t find a tile colour or design you like. To create your own colour combination, you can inquire about the colour matching services the manufacturers provide.

Environment-friendly tiles

In a day and age where considering the environmental impacts of production is crucial, you can rest easy knowing that the materials used to produce cement tiles - cement, sand and coloured pigments - are all made from natural materials and do not harm the environment. The process of making these tiles is also eco-friendly as they don’t require kilns, thus eliminating fuel use for the fires. 

Thus you can see that any commercial place will benefit from having tiles that are durable and within budget. There are multiple sources that distribute these tiles, but choosing the best one can help you find affordable and high-quality commercial tiles. Initial Tiles and Bathware is an importer and distributor of fashionable floor tiles at the lowest prices. Our tiles are known to be of high quality in Sydney and the rest of Australia. Contact us for your tiles related needs.