Your Handy Guide To Selecting The Right Bathtub

Your Handy Guide To Selecting The Right Bathtub

So, the time has arrived to renovate your bathroom, and now you need to choose a bathtub, among other major alterations. Or, maybe you have already started envisioning that whirlpool but aren't sure about its integration with your home's style. Whether you are a first-time bathtub shopper or trying to get inspiration regarding stylish tub models, it is the perfect time for us to discuss with you how to choose the right bathtub.

This handy guide will lead you to some of the factors that you need to consider before choosing a bathtub and while choosing the right bathtub. 

Before Choosing A Bathtub


Your And Your Family's Current/Future Needs

When you shop for a bathtub, you are investing in a bathroom fixture that is going to be one of the permanent features of your bathroom for the coming five to seven years or even more. Keeping this in mind, you must cater to your needs and your family's requirements. Your family might include kids who have different needs from that of a senior who is experiencing mobility issues. 

Your selection of a bathtub can depend on a number of factors, but the priority should be to cater to the needs of your household.

The Magnitude Of Your Renovation

Observing the bathroom space is the obvious part of thinking over when choosing the right bathtub. The size and dimensions of your bathroom can limit your choices, especially if you live in an apartment. 

Analysing the space available and brainstorming on including fixtures and fittings that can make it more spacious can also help you in picking out the right bathtub. For instance, smaller bathrooms can accommodate a shower/bathtub combination, giving an edgy look while offering style, convenience and best use of the space available. 

At the same time, larger bathrooms give you a large room to get inspired and allow you to prefer other types of bathtubs from the jacuzzi, freestanding bathtub to a recessed bath. 

The Key Factor - Budget

Whether you choose a bathtub for your kids' splashing moments, or you are purchasing it to spend your bath time in relaxation while enjoying a glass of wine, it is going to be a part of your bathroom for many years to come. Hence, it's worth spending a little more money if the price exceeds your budget since you won't be replacing it in a year or two. 


Classic White Bathtub


While Choosing The Right Bathtub


Determine The Material

Commonly used materials for the manufacturing of bathtubs are:

  • Cast-iron bathtubs: These classy-looking bathtubs are heavier than other materials, but are still durable, chip and scratch-resistant.
  • Cast polymer bathtubs: Cast polymer, often referred to as composite, is an engineered material. They are made from solid surface material, easy to clean and maintain and offer good heat retention.
  • Fiberglass bath: Usually the least expensive material, fiberglass is lightweight, easy to install but isn't as durable as other alternatives.
  • Acrylic bathtubs: This material is a known alternative to fiberglass. However, they are more expensive given their durability and ability to retain heat better.

There are a variety of materials available, from stone, copper, to porcelain bathtubs. The selection of the bathtub depends on your choice of material and its attributes.

The Right Type Of Installation


The right type of installation, depending on your convenience, can majorly assist you in making your choice for the right bathtub. For example, alcove and drop-ins are easier to install than corner tubs. However, this notion may change depending on the material used.

  • Drop-in bathtub: A luxurious addition to any bathroom or en-suite, drop-in bathtubs are probably the easiest to install. They are installed in an ingress. In simple words, they are installed below floor level into the carved out space, which allows it to be lower than any other standard built-in bathtub. 
  • Alcove bathtubs: Alcove bathtubs are a better option for smaller spaces which includes the choice of a shower/bathtub combo. They are installed against three walls which allows you to splash around in a smaller area.
  • Freestanding bathtub: Yet again, with a bolder look, a freestanding bathtub stands alone without any additional support. These are best for larger bathrooms where they are the center of attraction.

Explore While You Synchronise Your Style


The right bathtub is not only the one that represents functionality, reliability, or durability; it also portrays your sense of style, stands for the aesthetic of your bathroom and speaks for your home's overall artistic value. 

When you are on the expedition to choose the right bathtub, you must consider other interior designs along with exploring different bathtub features. From traditional, contemporary to eclectic aspects of style, you are free to include sleek lines and gentle curves or mix and match for an element of surprise. 

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