11 Reasons to choose tiles for your floor

11 Reasons to choose tiles for your floor

Renovating, extending or building can get exhausting, especially when it comes to choice.
As a homeowner, you have to choose your lighting, your insulation, our paint colours and much more. 
Fortunately, one choice is easy and that’s your floor!
A tile is a great option for your floor, outperforming traditional options like timber in a wide range of areas. 
So, why is tile flooring such an easy option? 
Here are 11 reasons to consider.
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Tile is an Eco-Friendly Choice


Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are the perfect choice for the eco-friendly homeowner.

They are the longest-lasting flooring products around, meaning your tiles
will most likely last you a lifetime.

As well as saving energy on replacements, the initial production cycle is also eco-friendly.

It takes fewer resources and less energy to produce tiles hen compared to other flooring materials.




Low Maintenance

Tiles are a breeze to maintain. All you need is a mop with some warm water and a mild detergent.You won’t need any harsh cleaners, chemicals and other products used to maintain other floors.

If you give your kitchen tile floor a sweep every week and a mop every fortnight it will look its best all year around.




Great Value for Money

Tiles are an affordable solution. They also add value to your property. This means you’ll add some dollars to your price tag when it comes time to sell.

Other types of flooring can be prohibitively expensive and they won’t always be value-adding.




They’re a Dream for Design

Tiles are available in a limitless variety of textures, shapes, styles and colours.

This means that you can create a unique expression that highlights your individuality and flair.

You can opt for plain and subdued palettes, or go all out with a psychedelic mosaic. 




Elegant Aesthetic

Tiles offer an elegant, luxurious aesthetic. 

Your home will have a tranquil and peaceful vibe that is evocative of ancient architecture. You’ll be the envy of your guests!





When properly prepared and installed, ceramic and porcelain tiles are highly durable.

They can stand up to some punishment and will last and last. Other floors tend to dent, crack and chip.





Floor tiles are a perfect choice for water resistance. They resist moisture, meaning no problems with mildew, rot, or water damage.




Sun Resistant

Other types of flooring can fade over time, especially with exposure to the harsh Australian sun during summer.
Tile won’t fade or lose its colour, despite exposure to the sun.




Indoor Air Quality

Another flooring can emit harmful chemicals into your atmosphere.
Tile doesn’t, making it perfect for maintaining great air quality.




Fire Retardant

Tile flooring helps to fireproof your home.
Tiles are non-combustible and if burnt, they won’t give off toxic smoke.




Great Choice for Outdoors

Tile is an excellent choice for outdoor flooring.
It is frost resistant, provides good traction and it looks amazing.


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