A Laundry Room's Renovation Procedure

A Laundry Room's Renovation Procedure

It isn’t fair that the bathroom and kitchen get all the attention regarding their interior design and renovations. How come the laundry isn’t getting the same kind of observation or remodelling? The important role that a laundry plays in our daily life makes it deserve the right to have a decent design and layout.


The laundry room is usually overlooked in a home renovation to include other areas of the home in the budget. It isn’t always the best choice – especially if you have a terribly designed laundry or you’re looking to sell your home.


In this article, we’ll discuss the procedure and the important things to consider if you are planning to renovate your laundry room.


Laundry Layout


The layout is the first thing to consider in any laundry renovation. Check out your existing layout and ask yourself, “Is this layout good?” and “Can I modify the layout and create better use of space to make it more functional?”


In numerous cases, where space is limited, you will not be able to change the configuration. However, you can take the advantage of vertical space if you have. Therefore, it’s important to look at the whole area, not just the placement of the dryer, washing machine, and tub.


Also, check if the clothesline is easy to access from the laundry in your layout design. And, something usually overlooked - check if your dryer and washing machine door open in the correct direction for the design of the space.


If you are facing trouble working out the best configuration for your laundry room, it’s better to draw it out. Measure the depth and length of your space and draw it out on a paper.


Laundry Products


Once you have mapped out your laundry space, and have an idea of the layout, the next thing to do is to search the product options available.


  • Laundry Units

If you’re looking for the best finish on a small budget, then a simple laundry unit which includes an all-in-one laundry sink and cabinet will be the best option.


  • Laundry Sinks and Benchtops

For those looking to build a new laundry room as good as their bathroom and kitchen, you can go for a laundry benchtop and undermount or overmount sink. And, you can still be budget-conscious. You can also explore quartz stone benchtops or laminate benchtops.


  • Laundry Cabinets

A fully-functional laundry room is only complete with storage. If your space allows, overhead cupboards and base cabinets are a very helpful addition to any laundry renovation. They offer much-needed storage for awful-looking detergents and cleaning agents and will help keep harmful substances away from children. And needless to say, they enhance the design!


You can add a laundry broom closet in the design when deciding the laundry layout with cabinets. The elegant inclusion of such a cupboard will give important storage for mops, brooms, even ironing boards. It is useful to store the things you don’t want guests to see laying around the house.


Now, there is more to consider than benchtops, laundry units, cabinetry, and sinks. Don’t overlook tiles and tapware.


  • Laundry Tapware

In the past, tapware was not necessarily something to get excited about. However, nowadays tapware can make an equal statement as the tiles selected for the splashback in a laundry. You need to check out our new range of luxury tapware to see how tapware design has enhanced over the years.


You can consider brushed nickel, brushed gold, or brushed gunmetal grey tap to make an impression with your tapware choice. These taps become a prompt statement piece.


  • Laundry Tiles

Tiles are absolutely the most common material for laundries because of their waterproof properties. Tiles are excellent for walls, laundry flooring, and as a feature splashback. The tiles you choose will have a considerable impact on your design. They can define the whole design style or can be indistinct in design to allow your cabinets to shine.


If you have a set budget, you may select only to tile the splashback, or you may only go to tile the complete room. It is a personal choice which will obviously be budget-driven.


Laundry Renovation


After the demolition and dusting is done, the actual fun begins! The key to any renovation is great time-management and planning. You need to coordinate everything very carefully. By this, we mean the electricians and plumbers need to be scheduled before the plasterer. The plasterboard needs setting and fitting before the tiler can begin their work, and the tiling needs to be finished before the fixtures and products can be fitted.




If you are undertaking a full laundry renovation, then the below mentioned tradespeople will be needed in this order:


  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Plasterer
  • Tiler




Upgrade your laundry room with a complete laundry renovation. Renovating a laundry room can be an extensive project, yet it is a fairly straightforward one, provided you do it properly.


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