Use These Simple Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

Use These Simple Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

A bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house. Therefore, irrespective of the actual dimensions of your bathroom, you must always try to make it look open and spacious. This is primarily for two reasons. First of all, the more spacious the bathroom is, the less clutter there is and it becomes easier to keep it clean and well-maintained. Secondly, if there are things obstructing the passage or way to move from one area to the other, there are chances of slipping accidents and as a result, injury. Therefore, making sure your bathroom looks larger is also indirectly relevant towards the safety of the people using it.

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom larger than it is. You can use colours, textures, and even the placement of utilities to make the space look wider and more open. Here are ten different ways of making your bathroom appear spacious and larger using simple techniques.


1. Use Colours To Create Depth

Colours are a great way to create depth and dimension in any room. Use a bright-coloured theme for your bathroom to reflect light better. This gives the room a more spacious appearance. Use light-coloured wooden hardwood flooring and an eggshell bathtub with a mint green mat for instance. If you want to go a different way, there is a rather unconventional way to make your bathroom look larger. Opt for an extremely dark colour such as black. Use the same coloured flooring and walls as the bathtub and sink. This creates a lack of dimension and works great for bathrooms.


2. Utilise Mirrors To Your Advantage

Installing large mirrors can make any room look bigger. That is the instant effect mirrors have on any room. The reflection of the bathroom tricks the mind into thinking that the room is double the size. Moreover, the mirror installation does not take up any extra space. It is just a reflective surface covering one area of the wall.


3. Tiles Can Help Change The Look Of Your Bathroom

There are so many ways that bathroom tiles can make any bathroom seem larger than it actually is. Using plain black or plain white tiles that are the same shade as the ceiling can help greatly. Also, many people ignore the size of tiles and the impact they can have on the room.


4. Keep The Floor Less Occupied

Bathrooms have a lot of different products on their shelves. Some of these products are for self-cleansing such as soaps, body washes, shampoos, and lotions, others are for maintaining the bathroom. These products occupying the bathroom floor make the area seem cluttered. Moreover, these things lying on the floor take up space leaving less room to move around. Therefore it is crucial that all these essential toiletries have a set place. Ensure that you have wall-mounted shelves to keep these products and that no item is on the floor. In any case, it is more sanitary to keep the floor unoccupied. The only things that should be on the floor are bathroom mats and small waste bins.


5. Use Floor Patterns

Floor patterns can make a significant impact on the appearance of your bathroom. Using large-sized tiles on the floor makes any room look wider due to lesser grout lines. Sometimes, bathrooms are shaped in a more rectangular layout which makes them look small. If you choose to have bigger tiles, it will balance out the proportions and make the restroom area look wider. Make sure to not use small tiles on the wall. Installing tiny tiles usually gives a “cosy” look and will make the dimension of your bathroom look very compact.


6. Install A Wall Mounted Vanity

Nowadays, there are so many different types of vanity for your bathroom that not only look sleek and sophisticated but also take up very little space. Having a wall-mounted vanity close to 30 inches will not occupy any space on the ground, will add a little more storage to keep toiletries away from the ground, and most importantly, will add a new feature to the bathroom.


7. Rethink Your Sink

A sink is a must for any bathroom area, big or small. Therefore, using a bulky sink that takes up a lot of area is not recommended. Installing a pedestal sink in the bathroom can help use the floor space efficiently. In addition to being more space efficient, it also adds more sophistication to the look of your bathroom space.


8. Use Closed Storage

Closed storage looks great in every room and helps keep your belongings in well-organised way. However, closed storage in a bathroom can help in hiding away clutter which would otherwise make the area look compact. A wall-mounted vanity with enough storage space or a single shelf installed on the wall can help with keeping the toiletries hidden away from sight.

9. Go For A Cohesive Theme

Something that is often ignored while designing a small bathroom is the theme. Using a more cohesive theme which uses analogous colours can help make the bathroom look sleek and airy. Using a transparent shower glass screen can add to the theme. This is also a much better alternative to opaque shower curtains, wooden partition panels etc. For a much more expensive look, opt for a shower screen that is frameless. This also gets rid of any visual barriers thus opening up the space.


10. Go For Unusual Shapes

There are plenty of new designer bathroom pieces which can add a stylish look to the area. Having a floating sink installed, a skylight on the ceiling and other such eccentricities can help utilise the compact space of the bathroom better. Experimenting with unusual shapes opens a wide range of options to rethink your smaller-spaced bathroom.

Your bathroom can look elegant and stylish despite its smaller area. All you have to do is take into account the layout, shape and personal preference.

Additionally, adding elements such as wall-mounted shelves, toilets and sinks can also keep the floor free of any clutter. This also ensures adequate ease in maintaining the bathroom.

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