How, When And Why Use Feature Tiles In A Bathroom?

How, When And Why Use Feature Tiles In A Bathroom?

We frequently debate about whether we should use or not use a feature tile in our bathrooms. It's no longer only about a feature wall, which we believe is a little antique and 90s, but about a patterned floor leading to a feature shower. Furthermore, we believe that a bathroom feature tile must have a functional purpose if it is to be used.


When designing a bathroom, the type of tiles you choose will significantly impact the overall look, feel, and functionality of the space, whether you're starting from scratch or renovating.


With so many styles and trends to select from, the first step is choosing the feature look you want - modern, traditional, or maybe more decorative?


After you've decided on a style, you'll need to think about practical things like the size and layout of your bathroom, as well as your budget! 


Here’s how, when and why you should use feature tiles in bathroom:


Illusion of perception


When it comes to creating a bathroom that is more spacious, feature tiles can be your secret weapon. You may need to sprint the floor tile (or a variant of it) from the floor up the back of the opposite wall when designing a bathroom that is wider than it is long from the door. This will stretch or expand the space, making it excellent for smaller areas.


Make the positives stand out


Another reason to utilise a tiled feature wall is to draw attention to an architectural feature such as nooks or cut-outs if you don't have plain and straight walls. Adding a feature tile to them can be a smart idea – in fact, utilising a feature tile in a bathroom is a popular trend right now.



A feature tile can help zone a bathroom in the same way that a rug does for a living space. For example, if your bathroom was created with a 'wet room' concept, where the space is relatively open, you may want to carve up the space using tiles. To help define the bathroom's zones, you may change the tone, texture, or shape (only one, by the way!) of your tiles on the floor or wall.


Subtle Textures

The contrast between your feature tile and the rest of the room doesn't have to be extreme. In fact, if your bathroom is small, it's best to use a different size or shape of the same tile, as busy tiles can be prodigious. In a small bathroom, you may use a 300 x 300mm tile with a similar tile on the wall in a different pattern — the tile might be hexagonal, or you could install a herringbone subway tile. This technique is excellent for adding subtle textures and interest to your bathroom.


Word of caution


You wouldn't want to place a colourful or attractive feature tile behind a toilet because it is not something you want to draw attention to. Also, if you've invested a lot of money in a feature tile, think about how much of it you'll be hiding. If you're installing them behind your vanity, for example, keep in mind that you'll be mounting a mirror on top of it. 

For that area, a less expensive tile is generally a better option, and your feature tile can be used elsewhere. Basically, don't utilise a feature tile in an area where you won't be able to view and appreciate it most of the time!


Less is more


Feature tiles can be quite effective, let them be the star of your bathroom and don't dramatise it by including feature tapware, basins, lighting, or a feature bath as well. When it comes to design, simplicity is always the best option.


Feature Tiles in the Bathroom


What is the best location for your bathroom feature wall?


The wall against which the bath or vanity is positioned is usually the finest spot for a feature wall. In some situations, such as in a small bathroom, a bathroom niche with its own unique tiles may be a better option. The mini-feature wall is another option. This option is usually placed behind the mirror and vanity, adding a wow factor for a fraction of the cost. 


Choosing bathroom floor and wall tiles may be difficult - the options appear limitless, and the variety can be overwhelming. Many people like a pale, elegant yet simple tiling style that would look perfect and stylish. Considering bolder, brighter, patterned tiling, on the other hand, will ensure a wow factor that you and your guests will appreciate. This doesn't mean you have to cover your bathroom in the craziest tiles you can find; a bathroom feature wall will pull the eye, highlight the contrasting tiles, and look amazing without being overwhelming or tasteless. 


Latest bathroom feature tile trends

Incorporate the latest feature tile trends for your bathroom. These ideas can help you achieve a bathroom that's both stylish and functional:


Moroccan Influenced Feature Tiles

Moroccan influenced feature tiles are the bridge between cultures, infusing intricate patterns and vivid colours that bring life to your bathroom. These tiles don't just decorate; they tell stories of distant lands and add an air of mystery. Utilise these tiles as a focal point around your vanity area or as a unique border to your shower space. Pair them with earthy tones and copper fixtures for an authentic Moroccan vibe.


Mosaic Tiles

The versatility of mosaic tiles is unmatched – from natural stones to metallics, glass to porcelain, and even recycled glass, there's a mosaic for every taste. The intricate patterns – hexagon, fan, herringbone, 3D, arabesque, chevron, lantern, penny round, and more – offer you a canvas to paint your bathroom masterpiece. Combine different materials and patterns to craft a stunning backsplash behind your vanity, or let them cascade down the walls of your shower, creating a waterfall of style.


Kit Kat and Herringbone Tiles

The Kit Kat and herringbone patterns are your allies for those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics. These patterns infuse movement and energy into your bathroom. Imagine Kit Kat tiles forming a dynamic stripe around your bathroom, guiding the eye effortlessly. On the other hand, herringbone tiles add a timeless elegance with their zigzag arrangement. Use these patterns as a backdrop for your freestanding bathtub or complement your sleek bathroom fixtures.


Timber Look Tiles

Wood brings a sense of warmth and comfort, but timber-look tiles take it a step further with their durability and water resistance. These tiles capture the essence of wood while standing strong against moisture. Adorn your bathroom floor with timber-look tiles and complement them with earthy colour schemes. Enhance the spa-like experience by combining them with indoor plants and a wooden vanity.


Stone Look Pattern

They're resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and available in a wide range of finishes that mimic the authentic textures of natural stone, from the raw ruggedness of slate to the polished luxury of marble.


Whether you're drawn to the rustic charm of slate or the refined beauty of marble, these tiles bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Picture a shower adorned with marble-look tiles, transforming your daily routine into a luxurious ritual. Pair them with minimalist fixtures to let the tiles be the star of the show.


Best decorative bathroom featured tiles ideas


Bathroom wall with herringbone patterns

bathroom wall with herringbone patterns

A beautiful bathroom wall with accent tiles in a herringbone pattern, providing a compelling and dynamic design.


Herringbone and concrete look tiles

bathroom with herringbone  and concrete look feature tiles

A striking combination of herringbone-patterned and concrete-effect feature tiles creates an urban and modern vibe in this modern bathroom.


Moroccan Influenced Encaustic Tile

bathroom wall with Moroccan influenced encaustic tile

The intricate and bright patterns of Moroccan-inspired encaustic feature tiles altered a bathroom wall and added an air of exotic allure.


Timber Look Tile

timber look tile on bathroom floor

Elegant timber-look tiles cover the bathroom floor, adding a touch of warmth and natural beauty while still being strong and water-resistant.


Bathroom with Timber Floor and Stone Wall

bathroom with timber floor and stone wall

A beautiful bathroom design combining natural and rustic features, with a floor covered in wood and a wall covered in eye-catching stone.


Square Feature Tile

square feature tile for bathroom

The bathroom makes clever use of square-shaped accent tiles, adding a sleek, modern design element that draws the eye.


Wrapping it up

We hope that this article was helpful! We have all of the latest trends in bathroom feature tiles, whether your style is natural, contemporary, traditional, or sleek and modern. Bathroom feature tiles are available in a variety of styles, all at outlet prices. Now is the time to buy online or come in to see us in person. You can reach out to our trained experts today at Initial Tiles & Bathware so we can help you find the right feature tile for your bathroom.