Selecting Tiles for a Kitchen Splashback

Selecting Tiles for a Kitchen Splashback

Tiles can easily define the theme of any room. Therefore, when it comes to kitchen tiles, you must use them in a way that not only adds functionality by making the kitchen splash friendly but also makes sure that you choose the tile which goes with the theme you have chosen for your kitchen.

You have to go beyond the general idea of only screening through different tile colours and patterns. You must have a clear idea of what kind of environment you are trying to create. You should then also examine the different kinds of options that are available to you. Not just in terms of the colour but also in terms of the shapes of the tiles, the different textures, and designer patterns. A splashback tile can also be a statement piece that looks like a frame, amongst others. Ask your tile contractor to make you aware of the options that are available and the new styles and themes in recent years.

Here is a simple guide to help you with choosing the right kind of tiles for a kitchen splashback.


What Style Are You Going For

With so many creative ideas being viral on different social media platforms, you may have certain ideas that go perfectly with the vibe you want to create in your kitchen. After all, it is the space where food is prepared, and families have breakfasts and dinners together. Having a particular style in mind can be very helpful in choosing the right tile for you.

A kitchen is, in a way, a private space; therefore, you can freely experiment with colours and patterns and add your own touches to the vibe to make it your own. Whether your personal style is more boho, traditional or Greek, nobody can judge you as it is the space where you spend quality time with yourself while cooking as well as your family.

You can also refer to popular celebrity magazines such as Architectural Digest to have unique ideas that you may want to try. Though you must be careful with what to expect and if those styles are even practical for you in the first place. Your contractor can help you with that. Remember to combine personal style with functionality when it comes to theme.


Material Of The Tile

There are several materials from which tiles are made nowadays. These can range from glass to ceramics to also porcelain. You must know how to take care of each of these different materials so you can weigh in on whether choosing that material is a viable alternative for you. Out of these, ceramic tiles are the most affordable of all and are also easy to maintain. They are made out of clay that is solidified in high temperatures.

Glass tiles add a new dimension to your kitchen. They are very glossy and give a highly reflective splashback surface. Just like ceramic tiles, they are also very easy to maintain and come in many different textures to suit different themes.

A ceramic tile comes in more interesting patterns, many of which are inspired by European styles. This kind of material, therefore, adds a vibrant and rich character to your kitchen and can make it very lively and bohemian.

There are also tiles with a metallic finish. These metals give a very formal, sleek and sharp look to the kitchen. This is ideal for office kitchens or if you are opting for a very monochromatic, elite theme. The metallic finish comes in many shades. The metallic tile is easy to wipe during food spills; all you have to do is use a cotton cloth to wipe it smoothly. However, these tiles are susceptible to scratches, so caution should be observed.

Shape and Size

There are many shapes available when it comes to the shape of kitchen tiles. Your choice of theme can help you pick out the right shape for your splashback tile. You can opt for mosaic tiles for a homely vibe or big tiles to give the illusion of a more spacious kitchen counter. The big tiles are beneficial in improving the appearance of grout lines as they are larger in the area and easier to clean.

The mosaic tiles can come in different varieties and also have small and medium sizes available. Therefore, a tile contractor or interior designer can be helpful in advising which options are available for you based on the style of your kitchen. The mosaic tiles work better with colourful themes, and the large tiles look good when the colour is more monochromatic.

Colour Selection From The Palette

The most exciting part of designing your kitchen is choosing the colour combination. And if you are going for a vibrant theme, the right colour combinations can have a different effect on the kitchen setting.

Moreover, the tile shape and the tile colour combined can have various different effects on the theme of your kitchen. Therefore, it is advisable to choose both the colour and the shape and size of the tile together instead of deciding on them separately. This will make sure that the splashback tiles are more cohesive with the style of your kitchen.

Also, if you want to make it more Greek or Bohemian, look for tile pieces that work as centrepiece tiles on the kitchen wall to add a new element to your kitchen wall.

The Texture and Layout Of The Tiles

Different tile textures and their layout can add a new twist to your kitchen setting. Make sure that all your choices regarding the kitchen tiles complement the existing kitchen equipment, such as the oven, microwave, etc. You can have different options, such as vertical rectangular tiles for a traditional look and huge square tiles laying next to each other for a formal look.

Moreover, you can add two different layouts to your kitchen walls to add new detail to the whole kitchen. This will ensure that your kitchen stands out and has its own unique character to it.


Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the tiles for your kitchen splashback. All you have to do is use quality tiles by a good tile contractor and choose what speaks to you. After all, it is your personal kitchen.

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